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Meeting Aya

The ceremony is being held an hour out of the city of Guadalajara on Don Luis┬┤property. We get dropped off at the gate entrance and spend nearly an hour getting lost on the land, climbing over creeks and reeds. 2,371 more words

Writing Projects

The Yoga Monster

The appeal of the mainstream yoga body image is driven by companies whos values usually stray far away from our so-called yogic values. We see these perfect yogis everywhere in the media, in perfect yoga clothes, with beautiful, blissful hearts and bodies, calm expressions on their faces, and I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t in some way mentally damaging. 445 more words


My Freakin' Book is on Amazon!

My fingers were shaking a little as they hovered over the return key on my blue tooth keyboard. I stared at the screen with question marks in my eyes. 265 more words


My deep respect for scientologists

I would like to extend my deep respect for scientologists, past and present – whether they are in the church or outside or no longer consider themselves scientologists. 141 more words


In View Of The Gardener Who Planted The Tree

Again? what did it now? LSD, ecstasy, mescaline or plain old zen?

Tell me; What did you see this time? Did you see me? Did you see as I planted the appletree? 352 more words


...in everything, give thanks...

How easy it is to rejoice and give thanks to God… when it is a beautiful day and the sun is out and the birds are singing and everything is going “your way” and “all is right with the world”… 451 more words