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Why Stuff Fails

There’s a recurring theme on several of the various discussion boards I frequent. ISO, Baldrige, six sigma, lean, performance management…all can be valuable operational process enhancers. 1,249 more words

Engagement Et Al

Plotinus - The Hypostases - The One, Intellect and Soul

At the heart of Plotinus’ teaching resides the three principles, archai or hypostases. The One, Intellect and the Soul.

“There is the One beyond being… and next in order there is being and intellect, and the nature of soul is third. 49 more words


The Freedom of Submission!

Due to the importance of submission in all of the disciplines of engagement, allow me to offer one more thought from Richard Foster. Foster has stated that there is a freedom corresponding to every discipline. 267 more words

Spiritual Disciplines

What do I know for sure?

One thing I know for sure is that the answers to that question will change as my life changes. Or at least I hope my answers change, at least a little. 309 more words


Do narcissists have a spiritual purpose we can't understand?

This fascinating topic was raised in the comments section under The Man You Love to Hate…or Hate to Love.

The implications raised here are bound to be controversial to some, but I think Joan and CheriSunday may be onto something. 901 more words


Consciousness is like a mirror

Like a mirror

Nothing is actually added to it and nothing is taken away

For everything is just a transient reflection

Of the equally transient reality… 32 more words