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A Shade We'll Never Sit Under

Labor Day has never made much sense to me. I think we’re supposed to be celebrating some combination of the American workforce and American ingenuity and the invention of barbecue and the start of football season, in some particular order. 613 more words

Bigger Stories

Is There A Sunshine Trapped In Your Heart?


Tell me what’s the big deal about to be loved by numbers, and loosing the life’s wonder?

Revealing your deepest desires

The true spirituality starts when we let our personal sunshine glows out of the world. 233 more words


Better get used to blogging by iPhone

We leave on Thursday. My bag is not yet packed but I have everything I need. Vaseline, all purpose shampoo/cleanser, euros i collect tomorrow. I have some collating to do. 533 more words

Your One Night Stand on the Front Page


Imagining Hot Spring Honeymoon

Where Love Has Come to Play

“Emptiness does not differ from form. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness,” This ambiguous quote comes from Buddhism’s great teachings contained in The Heart Sutra. 735 more words



That’s what I weighed when I got up this morning.  Both a milestone and a meaningless piece of trivia, I’d say.  For maybe twenty years, I’ve wanted to weigh 165 but I always floated between 168 and 180.  280 more words

365 Challenge Day 106 - Sweat

I have never been to class that was so humid as today.  It rained last night, and was predicted to rain today, so outside was already humid.  140 more words

365 Challenge

To Experience Stillness: DANCE

Dance People

If you are shy, like I am, do it alone in your room but do it fully. 

Let your body flow in whatever direction it wants.  206 more words