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Now, I get it;

The poor of the world

have previously agreed

to be a sacrifice.

The 8 children to the one deserted mother

sill had to be tested… 21 more words


Daily Love: Growing into Grace Review

Mastin Kipp was brought into my life about a year ago, when my cousin and I first discovered we were on a similar spiritual path. How on earth I had a gone so long without hearing of him and “ 480 more words

Personal Empowerment

Addicted to blogs?

I resolved to myself that I would spend less time reading blogs. I have a couple that I enjoy, but that only takes a minute and most of the time I seem to end up reading crap that is distressing, to say the least. 255 more words


21 Days of Fantastic: Day 21, Gifts

Imagine how it would feel if God presented you with a gift.  All aglow in His pure love, it would feel so special to receive from Him. 200 more words


Feminism, My Dears, Is Not What You Think

Too many men have come to the regrettable conclusion that women fighting for equality is the same thing as saying that men are to be somehow lowered under women.   127 more words


Failure Changes Us, But Sometimes We Fail to Change

By PK Christian Writer

I am a slow learner. All the basic things in life that a boy my age is supposed to know, I learned them quiet late. 712 more words


What is Next For Me? Waiting for the next "Glorious Unfolding"

My colleague and friend remarked recently that I’ve done some serious changing over the past few years. I’ve taken responsibility for things I needed to deal with in my own life, weeded out people who were “so-called” friends, gone through relationship reboots, and have found ways to cope and eventually thrive in therapy and in my faith walk. 1,040 more words