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Thought for today December 21st 2014

Peace on earth will come to stay,
when we live Christmas every day.

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Snow Star by Stuart Stevenson on Flickr.


Even the Rich Can Enjoy High-Efficiency Capitalism

Stirling (1921-2013)



Even many within the 1% should be willing to accept High-Efficiency Capitalism where there is no poverty, and people compete for… 427 more words


“Take a moment just to be still, to be here, regardless of what is passing through you. Recognize that you are the hereness that all is passing through.

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Something I Never Expected…

While surfing Youtube for New Moon ritual videos – just ideas and stuff – I came across a short guided meditation for finding your spirit animal guide… 383 more words

Exploring Spirituality

Storytelling affects human biology, beliefs and behavior, say DARPA researchers

By Steve Hammons (originally posted 12/13/2014 at Transcendent TV & Media)

Read any good books lately? How about a compelling TV drama or movie? 815 more words


Saint Germain - Whenever You Say “I AM,” You are Releasing the One Almighty, Intelligent Energy, Power and Self-Sustained Element

Volume 3 – Discourse #24


  1. Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence! All-Enfolding Love!

  2. Infinite in Thy Activity, gracious in Thy Loving Power, we salute Thee heart to heart, face to face, pouring forth eternal gratitude for the outpouring of Thy Mighty Energy, for the use of Thy Directing Wisdom, for the Presence of Thy Opulence in our homes and use.

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