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A Wound

A mirror-like mind is that it does not retain anything. What happens in our own experience, what happens in our everyday life? We retain in our memory certain experiences which have affected us. 103 more words


Day 2 Blogging Challenge: So you're a pagan...what does that mean?

Another thing I often get asked about is my spirituality. If people ask I say I am pagan. Which really is only a generic fit of what my spirituality is. 499 more words


God Blesses Job: Throwback Thursday

The following reflection is taken from a sermon entitled “God Blesses Job” based on Job 42:1-6, 10-17 originally delivered on October 23, 1994 at Cochranton Presbyterian Church. 764 more words

Spiritual Reflections

Day 297 In the Pursuit of Love (Hawk)

When was the last time you gasped with joy? Yesterday, it was cloudy and windy. For a short time the clouds cleared slightly to the east. 219 more words

Love: A New Year's Resolution

A New Choice Needs that Avoids Separation & Disunity

“I call you to a new choice with the full realization that your choice alone will affect millions of your brothers and sisters–as long as–and this crucial, you do not give in to ideas of separation and disunity. 686 more words


How to Embrace Your Darkness Scientifically Speaking - Theme for Today’s New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse

I love things that are one foot in science and one in spiritual.

Astrologically speaking, the theme for the New Moon in Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse (today, October 24, 2014) is about embracing your darkness and creatively using this to progress in life. 496 more words

Moon Lodge


The theme this week has been about the changes, transitions and transformations we are all experiencing. We are in the middle of “The Big Shift”! Today’s “throwback video” is from January when I talked about the coming “big shift.” Well, now we are in the thick of it. 76 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living