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How To Channel The Truth....

Every one has the Pineal Gland. It’s our third eye. The pineal glad is currently the size of a raisin but can become the size of an actual eye. 1,049 more words



Looking at life through the screen of our mind, we are only seeing a portion of what reality looks like.


Listen and Obey

Listen and obey is a phrase that our children hear a lot.  I always felt convicted when I said it to them because I wasn’t really practicing what I preached or giving them a really good example of it.  714 more words

The Spirituality of Every Heart Contributes to the Spirituality of the Whole World

Storybook Art Café Note: With important elections upon us I planned a line up of messages that had to do with leadership but “heaven knows best”, this message was shared with us today, Oct. 360 more words

The Day I Died

The Day I Died

God takes sin seriously. Sin is a terrible thing in the Christian’s life. That is why God did not overlook sin, but dealt with it in one complete stroke of judgment by sending Christ to die for us on the cross. 831 more words


Day 38

102 days off of cigarettes.

Hours off of her eye contact.

Not connecting with her the way we used to feels fucking awful.

It feels like living in the same house as your ex and she’s already started dating someone else. 19 more words