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Question: Who is God?

One reader asked this question.

God is a being, someone… but at the same time everything including you and me. Therefore, if you want to know God truly, you must know yourself first. 727 more words


Daily Words of the Buddha ~ August 22, 2014

Mettañca sabbalokasmi,
mānasaṃ bhāvaye aparimāṇaṃ:
Uddhaṃ adho ca tiriyañca,
asambādhaṃ averamasapattaṃ.

With good will for the entire cosmos,
cultivate a limitless heart:
Above, below, & all around, 16 more words


A Special Place


A Special Place


There’s a special place

where I go to seek God’s face

the ocean of grace


His love welcomes me… 119 more words


Still Learning About Sex

Now, I’ve been writing about my past quite a bit.

I’m going to go a bit out of order, but then again … I can be a bit out of order (lol). 525 more words


365 Letters of Thanks #88: Keep the light on Ram Dass

This 365 Letter of Thanks is written to Ram Dass. I thanked him for his willingness to always look at the other side of the coin and under every rock regarding conventional wisdom about life, enlightenment and death. 34 more words

365 Letters Of Thanks

ex silentio

and I’m praying not the folded hands kind eyes closed a speech summoned where you choose your words carefully because there ain’t no now to pray for later or ask why about what happened in the past time just is you see my father taught me that not while he was alive but after he was dead that strange connection closeness to someone you loved dead you didn’t have with them living for if the bond was strong while alive it is even stronger after it dies and I talk to him… 228 more words


This is Adesh (left) from Holland and Parmjot (right) from Thailand with their son. They are experienced Yoga Teachers. Adesh specialises in Yoga during childbirth and uses Nature as the outdoor setting for this. 71 more words