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Being Gratitude

Breathe in beauty; breathe out gratitude
Take a moment to look around you and allow your eye to settle on something that strikes you as beautiful – the view out the window, the way the light glances off a surface, your own reflection in the computer monitor. 596 more words


Very Mature of You

You know, I like the Facebook God, but damn many of his followers are so full of hatred for anyone who is spiritual or religious (majority of it is aimed at Christianity b/c many of them don’t seem to be aware that there ARE other religions out there, and it’s not just Christianity who has extremists, fundies, and other unsavory folks who gain the spot light with their negativity). 249 more words

Why Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

You know what we as people like to do? Talk about shit. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter what we’re talking about we just like to hear the sound of our own voices, and we like that because it makes us feel important. 1,114 more words


Purify Your Body.

Friday is a day to strive for purity in all areas of your life.

It is a good day to purify your physical body:–

—through bathing/showering. 43 more words


Silver Glitter

Silver glitter covers
my world
sparkle, sparkle
little star
wonder if I’ve
gone too far

I’m not going to
run away any more
nor am I going to… 24 more words


ROSEMARY'S EXPLORATION: How's That Planning Thing Going for You?

We can plan.  We can organize.  We can expect.  And then Life Happens.

Have you ever had a plan, had everything organized down to the tiniest detail, and set your expectations on that plan working out exactly as you planned it?  598 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living