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Cultivating a Spiritual Life

Dear Dr. D.,

A spiritual question that I’ve been contemplating and exploring. How do we release our ego (as in fear-based mindset) to get out of the way of accessing the channel to God (the universe/our higher truth/etc.) that is intimately within us, so that we may live a more miraculous life?

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Cosmic Freedom

We are all cosmic beings.
We are all cosmic travellers.
We might be for a little while in a flesh citadel of light,
but we are really free as the wind, as the great cosmic waves. 99 more words


Annie's Brain has Left the Building

My brain left the building a couple of years ago, friends. And now? The building has since blown up.

I don’t really know what I mean by that statement – it just keeps popping into my head lately (what’s left of it). 1,246 more words

Christian Prose And Praise

Poster - Mandala (updated)

Mandalas are made to illustrate the path towards enlightenment using the teachings of the Buddha.  Their intent is supposed to be completely selfless, which is why I’ve decided to donate any commission I earn from this piece to charity. 20 more words



Many of the mothers I know wanted children from the earliest age; they were self aware enough to understand that becoming a mother would further their development of identity, or allow an outlet for the deep rivulets of love they already felt flowing in their bodies. 613 more words


nothing is more important

Nothing in life is more important than knowing how to build positive relationships with people and God. #growingupsocial

— Dr. Gary Chapman (@DrGaryChapman) October 20, 2014