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D has given me a lot of helpful advice over the last few months; one thing he’s said that has really stuck with me – and that he encouraged me to share here on my blog – was “Be the best version of yourself, not a half-assed version of someone else.” He’s told me to not compare myself to others, but instead, focus on what I do have to offer with regards to my spirit-work services, my art… because nobody else’s work is exactly like mine.

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It has come to my attention that someone (someones?) is telling Loki-wives that:

  • Sigyn has to approve of all of Loki’s mortal wives
  • A marriage to Loki is just a business contract…
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What happens when you can’t make up your mind? Part of you wants one thing, and the other part wants something else? If you’re in a human body, you’re pretty much stuck. 667 more words