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It has come to my attention that someone (someones?) is telling Loki-wives that:

  • Sigyn has to approve of all of Loki’s mortal wives
  • A marriage to Loki is just a business contract…
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What happens when you can’t make up your mind? Part of you wants one thing, and the other part wants something else? If you’re in a human body, you’re pretty much stuck. 667 more words


Godspouses/consorts/beloveds, and spiritwork and community serivce

From: http://lokisbruid.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/upg-apotheosis-and-what-does-community-work-mean-anyway/

“Let me say this, and I am trying to say this in the most polite, frithful way that I can: some perfectly legitimate Godspouses/Beloveds/Consorts don’t do any spiritwork, aside from their relationship with their Beloved.

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