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Munching through the East End

9am. My stomach was growling so I wolfed down a bowl of cereal before rushing out the door. Big mistake. Arriving in Spitalfields Market an hour or so later, I was greeted by Ollie, my friendly and amusing guide for the morning. 1,073 more words


Rosa's Thai Cafe, E1

The Halal: It’s definitely worth rechecking every time you go as they tend to use different suppliers. The chicken has always been halal and most recently I was told that all the meat is now halal. 360 more words

East End Soldiers Of World War One | Spitalfields Life

Originally posted onĀ Spitalfields Life.

In the week of the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, I have compiled these biographies of just a handful of the thousands of those from the East End who served in the conflict. 91 more words


On Mute

‘Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything’

Today I fully listened. Probably for the first time in a long time. 416 more words


This Geek's Week #6

Welcome Back to This Geek’s Week, first up? Weekend..

So this weekend I went shopping, again. I think I have a problem… My friend wanted to go to a sale at Fairy Goth Mother, It was really quite fun, corsets are amazing! 452 more words


The Shard

A quick shot I took last night of the Shard in London from near SpitalfieldsĀ market. I quite like it so might go back with my tripod and take it properly

Thatcher Thursday: The Breakfast Club

If there is only one place you can go for breakfast in Spitalfields, this is the one. Enter, enjoy, and never leave. And if you really have to – pop into the fridge (yes it opens into a second room) for a quick boozy shake, and leave a written message on the bathroom wall. 321 more words