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Sugar Talk: Real vs. Artificial?

It’s a never ending discussion, isn’t it? Stevia’s bad for you… no it’s not… sugar is an addiction… low-cal is best, etc. Everyone has their dietary preferences and priorities, whether it’s paleo, vegetarian, “whole” foods, low calorie, or otherwise. 444 more words

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Be Gone, You Terrible Beast

I’ve been awake since 5 this morning. I’m a stay at home mom, who doesn’t have to punch a time clock in the corporate world, so you’re asking me, “why, oh why, are you awake at 5 am?” Well, it’s because of this blog which has started growing profusely and I find myself excited and worried about what I’ll post next. 687 more words

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(Half-baked) Kitchen Adventures....

Two weekends of cooking, so many recipe failures. I kept trying to sit down and write about both but kept getting stuck because my dishes didn’t turn out as expected. 507 more words


Rumsfeld and Monsanto Pushing Toxic Sweeteners

Christina Sarich, Natural Society  |  Waking Times   |  WarIsCrime.com 113 views

As we get closer to the holidays, many people look for ways to cut back on sugar and other indulgences so that when the New Year rolls around, they won’t have to work so hard to lose those extra pounds. 802 more words


Really rather amazed.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been cutting out added sugar.  The only fructose I’ve had has come directly from the food it is naturally in, fruit.  696 more words


Low-sugar sweetener that tastes like the real thing

I have long been on the lookout for the perfect non-sugar sweetener to use in baking. Most of the sweeteners available in the grocery store – such as Splenda, Truvia, Nectresse, and Purevia – have aftertastes that interfere with the flavor of the final product. 546 more words


Biscuits. We love them.

We love breakfast.

We don’t love cooking it in the morning.

In fact, I distinctly remember blubbering to a complete stranger once that I would be so happy when my children could pour their own cereal… 338 more words