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Etude d'une innovation : le Splenda Sucralose

Le lien ci-dessous permet de télécharger une étude sur l’innovation qu’est le Splenda (d’une vingtaine de pages):
Etude d une innovation – le Splenda Sucralose.pdf… 190 more words


Principes de développement & de reconfiguration d’un marché

Principes de développement & de reconfiguration d’un marché mis en évidence à partir de l’étude du Splenda


Straight, No Chaser: Artificial Sweeteners

It’s always struck me as somewhat odd when people approach me with concerns about sugar substitutes. What I mean by that is my first response is something akin to “Whatever your concerns are, the sugar substitute is going to be safer than using the sugar you’ve been using.” This… 683 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Artificial Sweeteners Are Making You Sick and Fat

“Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, causing metabolic changes that can be a precursor to diabetes, researchers are reporting.”

So began a recent article in… 247 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Sugar Talk: Real vs. Artificial?

It’s a never ending discussion, isn’t it? Stevia’s bad for you… no it’s not… sugar is an addiction… low-cal is best, etc. Everyone has their dietary preferences and priorities, whether it’s paleo, vegetarian, “whole” foods, low calorie, or otherwise. 444 more words

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