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Bursts of Splenda

I have a ritual that I follow every morning: I drink a bottle of water before having a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I set up the instant coffee to be made only after I have drunk my water while reading e-mails, entering yesterday’s news into my journal, and writing these blogs. 163 more words

Kitchen tips: Reducing sugar when baking

I am taking the online course Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health from Wageningen University and lately we’ve been talking about the role of carbohydrates in health and ways to reduce sugar consumption. 551 more words


Artificial Sweeteners: too good to be true?

With the start of a New Year, half of the American population have probably written ‘weight loss’ as a New Year’s resolution. And with the stigma that sugar has developed as the Antichrist of healthiness, dieters often go to sugar substitutes to subdue their sweet cravings. 575 more words


Miniature Apple Muffins

I wanted to pass along this Diabetic Friendly Recipes along to everyone, Miniature Apple Muffins. It’s from the http://www.cooksrecipes.com/index.html. If you haven’t checked this site out, it’s time! 235 more words


Diet Coke and Your Brain

I am as guilty as anyone as chugging diet coke.  This is probably the one thing that I am most hesitant to give up.  However, it is… 20 more words