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Watch Dogs: Where did it all go wrong for me?

Nearly two months ago, I decided to take a plunge into the unknown and purchase Watch Dogs, which was at the time of the biggest releases in May on the PlayStation 4. 494 more words


Game Pitch: Untitled Project

Ever since I saw his recap of the “Death and Return of Superman” story arc on Youtube, I’ve been a big fan of Max Landis.  I respect him for not being afraid of wearing his geekdom on his sleeve, and I admire and envy him for his amazing ability to come up with incredible movie pitches on the fly.   3,513 more words


Splinter cell movie

Warner Bros. and Paramount Picturesare the frontrunners to make the film version. It has been announced that British actor Tom Hardy will be playing Sam Fisher in the adaptation.  119 more words


Design Doctor #1: Don't Take Power From the Player

[EDIT: So while working on the 2nd installment in this series I realized that the name "Gameplay Lessons" is A) kind of boring and B) pretty limiting.   877 more words


Here's How They Should Reboot the Tenchu Series

Playing the 1998 PlayStation game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins for a Let’s Play recently got me thinking about how badly I’d like to see that franchise make a comeback.

Metal Gear Solid

PSTS Episode 106 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Retro, More Smash Reveals, and Popcorn in my Video Games


Jeff and J.D. had an interesting even this weekend that gave them a good opportunity to look back over the entire series of one of their favorite games. 47 more words

Video Games

CA! Radio Ep 64: The International Bro

____________-CA! Radio-____________

Episode 64: The International Bro (07/08/2014)
♪This week is the start of Valve’s International and that has one of the hosts excited. Rest talk bro’s and stealth.♪   Download & iTunes