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Jade Raymond, the executive producer behind Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell games, will be leaving gaming giant Ubisoft Toronto at the end of October. 305 more words


[Graphics] A collection of Steam avatars I've edited in the past

Here are a handful of Steam avatars that I have edited and used in the past. These particular ones were made in ascending order from 2012 to 2014. 23 more words


Final Thoughts - Splinter Cell: Conviction

As it happens, I was correct about Splinter Cell: Conviction. Most of the points I made in my previous post about the game remained valid throughout, and nothing the experience offered succeeding in challenging my opinion of it. 1,207 more words

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First Impressions - Splinter Cell: Conviction

For the fifth game in a series that has always been a beacon of excellent stealth design philosophy, Splinter Cell: Conviction is a surprisingly terrible stealth game. 1,041 more words

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DC: 7: Worst Splinter Cell Ever

Tina and I had finally finished off our list of memorials we wanted to see during our first day in DC. We were happily making our way back to the parking garage where we were fortunate enough to stumble upon one more historic location, 263 more words


Splinter Cell: Backlist

New Sam, old tricks, no style.
By Riko

The adventures of Sam Fisher has had its ups (pandora tomorrow) and downs (double agent). One thing remained consistent, enjoyable stealth action. 286 more words

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The Most Prominent Woman In The Video Game Industry Has Left Ubisoft

Jade Raymond — producer of Watch Dogs, recent Splinter Cell games and, of course, the Assassin’s Creed series — has left Ubisoft.

Raymond started at the bottom in the early 2000s, working as a programmer on Jeopardy games for Sony Online Entertainment, before moving on to become producer/creative director of The Sims Online for EA and eventually a hit game generating producer at Ubisoft. 231 more words