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1.5 Years Down The Lane..

I am a professional procrastinator. I have my math End of Course Test tomorrow (which is a huge deal apparently, even though it’s not summative), and here I am, on my third post of the day. 3,094 more words

Does you child suffer from school-induced schizophrenia?

Is it just mine or has your child developed a split personality since starting school?

My daughter has suddenly developed skills that I never even knew she was capable of, like putting on her own socks and shoes, putting on her own coat, wiping her own arse – that kind of thing. 612 more words


My slit my choice

It still baffles me how somehow my hemline is someone else’s business! Anyway do you feel like you have a split personality when it comes to style? 184 more words

100-Word Short Story: The Mirror

We stared at each other in hateful silence, you in the mirror and me outside, until we couldn’t see each other anymore – darkness. We only had an hour of sunlight in the twenty-four hours of silence, and we used that time to lift our heads up to the sky, soak in the sun, let it shine. 45 more words

100 Word Short Stories

Bad cop, no donut    

I hear three voices in my head, my alter ego has a split personality

A cop, a con artist and a poet, they all live in commonality… 298 more words


Late Nights

Well, hi everyone. Good Morning, it’s 4AM now in Singapore. And currently, I just finished emailing my reflection to ShaoMin. Sorry for emailing you so late! 325 more words