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You're Being Tortured In The Morning

So because I am a lazy fuck who cannot spend more than ten minutes a day to finish writing up my memoirs from the imaginary world in my head, Daniel and I have found another way to keep my blog updated over the two weeks that we’ll be in Europe. 1,455 more words

A Place For Sinners by Aaron Dries.

A Place for Sinners by Aaron Dries.

306 pages

Samhain Publishing May 2014.

Aaron Dries novel A Place for Sinners from Samhain Publishing is a real travelogue of horror. 736 more words


The Two of Me

No, I don’t have a twin.

No, I don’t have a split personality.. at least not diagnosed.

There are a couple different parts of my personality, but two main parts: The country girl, and the gypsy soul.


Conversation with a Naked Man

Pretty straight forward.  I can see “it”.  He is sitting chatting with me on cam and every time he gets up for a drink, “it” is there staring at me.   477 more words


Bring On The Jewels

Summer sample sales, ladies. Summer. Sample. Sales.

These events are seriously the best opportunities to snag any and all things you’ve had sitting and waiting on your list of “I NEED” and “I WANT” in fashion… seriously. 182 more words


The Right One and the Other Right One

It was never your fault. None of it was.

How in the depths of hell do you propose to tell me how you know that? 307 more words