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Bringing Order To Chaos

We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile. 495 more words

Irish Man In The Middle East

Groovy 2.3.5 backward compatibility with Spock unit tests

In my new workplace there is a problem – corporate firewall, which is a common problem in IT world. Therefore update sites of Eclipse are blocked, which means quite a mess with dependencies and plugin management. 86 more words


TREK Long Tennis Shorts

This Star Trek original series cotton pattern was probably made for pajamas, but they work well for tennis shorts… and some pretty interesting tennis shorts at that. 109 more words


To illustrate the way the world is going at the moment, after quoting lyrics from the song, “Tremor Christ,” I walk into the living room to find my dad watching the movie, “Tremors,” on AMC.

Screw you, Ted Turner


Nichelle Nichols – American actress and singer who first plays Uhura

Lieutenant Uhura is the communications officer serving on the bridge of the starship Enterprise and Enterprise-A in the original TV… 467 more words

Star Trek

Hemorrhaged Vulcan

I’m on a date with Spock tonight. We’re dancing our socks off to ELO, and then something about pon farr(?).

Make your own “Hemorrhaged Vulcan”: 23 more words