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What's new in (upcoming) Spock 1.0 - simpler conditional test execution with @Requires and @IgnoreIf


Some tests (especially integration tests) should be run only if certain conditions are (or are not) met. Upcoming Spock 1.0 provides new @Requires and improved… 1,277 more words


An Introduction

Dear Reader,

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every aspiring writer, in eternal hope that this might be a career, must be in want of a blog. 596 more words

Atheists Need Picard, Not Kirk

Personally, I think atheists would be better off emulating Captain Picard, but Picard didn’t have a Vulcan in his crew. Then again, Picard didn’t also have a habit of seducing every reasonably attractive female humanoid alien he met on the job, which is probably itself a violation of the Prime Directive. 57 more words

Star Trek Saturdays #40

It’s time for Star Trek Saturdays #40!

This week’s episode is “The Deadly Years” and it takes a comedic premise and makes it deadly serious, in a good way. 998 more words

Star Trek Saturdays

FArFri: "Mr. Spock ' by Wally Hindle

What a great caricature piece by artist Wally Hindle of WNMHGB-era Spock! Wow.


JB & The Chop Do: Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (1982)

The Chop and I return, yet again, to delve into the world that is Star Trek, to foray into another film, new territory, and see what comes from it. 1,476 more words