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Winter Soldier (Spoiler Free)

Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier today and I really enjoyed it. I’m deciding if I liked it more or less than the first because there’s a lot more action, but that’s another post. 143 more words


Blog #6: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars) by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

I’ve been a fan of the Veronica Mars television series for years and, like thousands of others, was distraught when it was cancelled. However, again like thousands of others, I joined the Kickstarter campaign last year to see the show be brought back to life on the big screen. 595 more words

Book Review

The Raid 2

Don’t sit too close to the screen…!

Firstly: If you’ve not seen the first instalment, don’t worry too much about it. While it explains a lot of the premise of the film, and gives you a backboard to spring into the action and plot from, this two-and-a-half hours of madness is so much more than its predecessor. 158 more words

Anish K

Bitten Series -- My Verdict

So I will as always be honest, the odd thing about this post is it made it into my gaming blog, for two reasons this blog started out as a way to field my thoughts and feelings in the media world and secondly to avoid cluttering my main site blog with random ramblings. 446 more words


Mean Girls (2004)

Not counting The Parent Trap (1998), which I’ve seen on television in bits and pieces, I had never watched a Lindsay Lohan film until now. So my image of her was that she was the typical child star who couldn’t deal with not really having a normal childhood and “broke bad” (see also: Macaulay Culkin, Britney Spears, Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber). 590 more words


The Quiet Ones

More of a sinister drama than a horror film, this piece appears nicely thought out, and at times impressive. However, though the jumps are plentiful, the 15-certificate demands more from a film that seems to cater for the ‘what-you-don’t-see’ crowd. 44 more words

Anish K

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Here’s my spoiler free look at Marvel’s latest offering in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Right off the bat, let me just say that Marvel pulled a fast one on me. 528 more words