Walking dead spoiler!

Herregud! Noen som så den siste episoden av Walking Dead igår?

Den slutten…

Så ikke den helt komme. Trudde de hadde daua alle sammen borte på Terminus, men det hadde de ikke. 160 more words

TV Serier

Robin is...

Superman, by the looks of this picture.

cover Batman and Robin 38

It’s about time Batman had a partner with super powers. I was kind of hoping to see Batman with an alien partner. Maybe another day…


My Poet: Tablo

EPIK HIGH IS BACK. This is the music video for “Spoiler” and a look at “Happen Ending.”

Tablo’s lyrics are always worth looking at. His intelligence and taste for words are sophisticated and the stories are deep. 139 more words

Epik High [스포일러|Spoiler] + [헤픈엔딩|Happen Ending]

Epik High [스포일러 | Spoiler] + [헤픈엔딩 | Happen Ending]

Epik High has released their 8th studio album [Shoebox]

Epik High [스포일러 | SPOILER] 763 more words

S O M E T H I N G [享]

Homeland Season 4-Episode 4 Recap

Haisan Haquanni is alive.

Aayan.- Aayan goes to his girlfriend’s house to retrieve the bag of medication only to be told that her dad has smashed it. 394 more words


I need to test this spoiler code so I can use it in future posts if I review something I don’t want to spoil for anyone. 8 more words


Two Minute Movies: Fury

For the second installment of Two Minute Movies, here is the violent, spoiler-filled episode for Brad Pitt’s new war movie Fury. Enjoy.

(Read full review here. 348 more words