Spoilers and Courtesy - Special Post

Ok, this may seem like an odd subject to discuss on a blog about things I’ve learnt from acting. Please bear with me, hopefully it will make sense. 1,176 more words


Film Haikus

Between doing hard work preparing for finals in the library, going out on the town with my friends, and weeping inconsolably in Frontera while listening to Leona Lewis, I have not had the time to sit down for two hours and enjoy a high-quality film. 166 more words


New Season pvp coming soon (KR)

Kr currently having pre-event for the new season 3, and with it they are getting a new Camila :o

also there giving away titles for those who reached certain ranks in pvp during season 2… 13 more words

Elsword KR

Young in Present Tense


So I barely bought untranslated-books. So one day I bought a novel tittled “Looking For Alaska” by- of course all of us know- 306 more words


JOU: Compact spoiler

This is a 7-page version of the full Journey into Nyx spoiler. The card image gallery at DailyMTG is 29 pages so I’m hoping this saves trees, and it’s certainly easier to carry around in your pocket.


Naruto Manga 674 Prediction(May Contain Spoilers)

A day late, but it’s K.

Summary of Chapter 673:

Well, Naruto basically throws a lava release rasenshuriken. He can manipulate new elements based on the jinchuuriki’s inside him. 368 more words