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Great Debate #4: Do Spoilers Ruin Your Movie Experience?

Today, computers and other technologies try their best to spoil movies, or get the scoop on the latest details, so they can recount every last, little thing to the reader.   728 more words


Spoiler Alert! Are Spoilers Rude?

Dear Uncommon Courtesy,

What is the etiquette on posting TV spoilers on social media? I thought you had to wait until at least the following day? 1,079 more words


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) - Spoiler Zone

There were a lot of choice moments in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ that I figured were interesting, so here’s the article where I go through all the main plot points that would otherwise be called ‘Spoilers’! 1,239 more words

But Mummy! They SPOILED IT.

An apology: I know that it has been over two weeks since I last published anything and whilst in the grand scheme of things that might not seem to be too bad? 809 more words


Monday Morning News Round Up- April 21

Well, we might as well start this week with the big news or lack there of. Marco Polo was not announced.  This shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone, especially since most of those with source information had already started backpedaling in the previous weeks. 217 more words

Doctor Who

The Reception of the Purple Wedding

Joffrey’s still dead. We’re all still celebrating. Stannis is still bitter. Rickon is still MIA. Oberyn is still very open-minded. Tyrion is still fucked while Tywin is already taking control. 732 more words

Justice is sweet - Cast in the Darkness Episode 13: Just Desserts

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to another (albeit late) episode of the Cast in the Darkness Podcast!

Kristina and I gather around our Television for Episode 2 of the latest Game of Thrones Season: The Lion and The Rose… Listen to what we think about this murder most vile, and what we think about spoilers in general in… 8 more words

Game Of Thrones