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There are new reports on the latest Star Wars Episode VII from Badass Digest and these details sound very Spoilery. Their sources reveal more information on Max von Sydow’s mysterious role, revealing that Kira (the name believed to belong to Daisy Ridley’s character) is not the one to find Luke lightsaber as it is instead a “blue alien guy” who brings it to a salvage yard where she discovers it. 197 more words


'How to Get Away with Murder': Who's really the murderer?

It’s the burning question of the fall season: Who is the actual murderer on ABC’s new hit drama How to Get Away with Murder? 1,734 more words


Legend Of Korra Book 4 Predictions/ In depth Trailer Analysis!

Warning! Possible Spoilers! I will be predicting as much os Season 4 As I can grasp from the Book 4 Trailer!

My full predictions and also my in depth analysis of The Legend Of Korra’s Epic Book 4 trailer. 71 more words

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IDonutLose's First Post: How-To Start: Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V


You wish to be caught in the mystical, deadly, time-consuming game of Skyrim? Once you start, it is hard to back out of playing it for less than ten hours. 1,944 more words


WWE SMACKDOWN SPOILERS: (October, 3rd 2014)

The Following are Diva Related Spoilers to this weeks episode of Smackdown, taped last night following last nights Main Event episode. The Following Divas Singles Match and More will take place. 83 more words

The Secret Psychology of Spoilers

Spoilers, right? We all hate them. You’re just strolling along innocently at work, heading down to the water cooler to grab a drink and break time and, wham! 746 more words


Before I begin today’s post, I thought I would just explain why I set it up.

My blog allows me to vent feelings I have that sometimes I feel I can’t say out loud to family and close friends. 231 more words