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Third Language

We all know the most common 2nd language in the USA is Spanish. But what is the third most common spoken language where you live? 72 more words

Fun On The Last Day At School!

We had a great time today. What did you do on the last day of school?


Preparing Our Potatoes

Today we scrubbed our home grown potatoes ready to cook. It was very exciting! Have you ever cleaned potatoes?


What's so bad about Weird Al's "Word Crimes"?

So Weird Al Yankovic is back. To completely lift the words of my brilliant friend Stoo, “you remember Weird Al, right? He was last popular around the same time as nothing at all, ever”. 2,034 more words


Grammar Gripes: a lot of/lots of VS. much/many

When students first start learning to navigate the swirling waters of the English language, one of the common things they do is to misuse or overuse the words much and many. 519 more words

British English

Hunting For Snails.

Today we hunted snails for our snail race. We couldn’t find any snails. Can you guess why?