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Autumn Leaves.

We have been learning to describe autumn leaves. We used our senses to help us find new words. Can you think of any adjectives which describe an autumn leaf?



Today we went to the woodland to collect seeds. What does a seed do?


Countries Around The World

We learned about countries around the world and their names. We drew a big map on the playground. We told our friend to move to a country. 6 more words


The 5 things you do in English that you might not know have actual, technical names

And so, it’s happened. It happened to The Huffington Post. It happened to The Guardian. And now it’s happened to us, too. Oh, how the mighty (!) have fallen. 1,597 more words


Are you bored or are you boring?

-ED or -ING?

The confusion between -ed and -ing adjectives can be a problem for lots of English learners. The rule is fairly simple, so let’s take a look: 360 more words

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Technology influenced language and its impact on teenager's identity

My experience with reading this book was very good. It was a book I thoroughly enjoyed. There are 3 main reasons why I would recommend this book(especially to young adults!) 179 more words

English Language Change

Propaganda anyone? Revise Boris Johnson's use of Propaganda techniques

Download and use the worksheet to explore how Boris Johnson’s use of subtle propaganda techniques conveys his political ideology:

Download: Propaganda worksheet

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