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A Language Audit

Another service we offer @DiagaLanguage is to carry out a language audit for businesses and community groups. So what does that entail I hear you ask… 1,000 more words

Inappropriate fits of laughter

Today I attended a work seminar. Some people really should think about proof reading their speeches before they make them. A lady today started talking about the loss of a staff member. 121 more words

On the value of the label "Feminist"

I’m male-bodied and, despite being genderfluid, typically cis-presenting for the sake of (possibly over-) caution about non-binary/feminine presenting (although the experience of just having long, feminine hair and receiving abusive street harassment factors into my calculation of the risks). 1,381 more words


Big sisters, who needs 'em?

In my quest to make the world a less error-ridden place, linguistically speaking (pun intended), I am routinely opposed by my eldest sister.

She says things to me like, ‘Don’t correct people when they are speaking it is so annoying’. 429 more words


Performing our Poems!

This afternoon we performed the poems that we have been working hard on all week. We concentrated on how to be a good speaker. We know that you must speak clearly, at a good volume and interest the reader.


Is performance always artifice?

Yesterday I wrote a post examining the roles of “tradition”, asking what they mean and how “tradition” or “folk song/story/art” is an active process as well as a preservation or reenactment of historical tradition. 1,123 more words

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