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Couple at the bus shelter

Holding her shoulder

white knuckle tight

he’s her knight

in High Street clothing

she’s his queen

his bleeding heart

pushing the stroller

playing her part… 219 more words



So this kind of happened during a dull, utterly lazy day where I’ve got nothing to do with my life to the point that I almost considered cleaning my room (not to wait anymore for my mother to unleash her fury to make me work my slothful ass). 148 more words

Spoken Word Poetry

New Writing and Sisters

Today was a rather uneventful day. Excepting the coursework which is turning my stomach into knots and making me wish I had a different major. (Except I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the marvelous people I have met in my course.) 160 more words

Daily Do

blacks and blues

I called your name, but I’m not sure if you heard me.
I think my voice got lost in the waves that you were engulfed in. 92 more words


Holy beloved, what if ?

Chu shab kiram khayaalat raa dar aaghosh
Sahar az bestaram bu-ye gol aayad

In the night I embrace your memories
At the dawn the fragrance of flowers rises from my bed. 6 more words


Day 23. Specifically for you, A Secret View

There is an
enemy who roams
the streets
twisting quiet beauty.

Each passing day,
he digs for gold
in your soul
to sell it
for petty coins. 269 more words


the first time

you held me in complete darkness,

and I felt like I was being seen for the first time.

but with morning comes the sunlight,

and now you can’t even look me in the eye.