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some souls can't go to the cobblers for mending

i am a giver.
i am the sort to take the same personality test twice.
i am in need of validation.
i am spending too much time looking at the moon. 363 more words

Spoken Word Poetry

My Friend in the Darkness

It’s 3am and my eyes are closed… my closest friend is here with me in the darkness… laying heavily on top of me… enrapturing me in her harness. 406 more words


I don't hate the sinner, I hate the sin (poem)

Have you ever heard a Christian person mention,
“I don’t hate the sinner, I hate the sin”
Can I tell you how annoying that comment is? 295 more words

Time and space are the cruellest of all

If I had power over time and space,

I would draw you in towards me,

pull you against me

so close that no one can tell… 119 more words


Set to Perform Short Fiction at Collide/Escape on Tuesday (10/21/14)

I’m performing some short stories at Grossmont College on Tuesday at Collide/Escape. It’s free and I look forward to seeing you there.

See the blurb, it includes music by Kristopher Apple, Chris Warren, Ariana Warren, and spoken word poetry by Marisol Lee, Rachel Eva, and short stories by your truly, plus interactive video performance by Christian Kjeldsen.


"A Lot Like You"

Rudy Francisco – “A Lot Like You”: http://youtu.be/OTYrFAElzww

Aren’t we all unfinished, don’t we all need editing
Aren’t we all waiting to be read

When you feel poor, check out Sarah Kay doing her spoken word poetry

Sometimes I can get trapped in the whole: if only I had…this (connection, money, position, power, status, experience), then I would be able to do…that (something big and beautiful, or whatever my heart long for.) The sensation I speak of can come in the disguise of getting afraid, losing my voice, feeling poor, feeling envious. 90 more words