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The Nothing Poem

This poem could be about
That feeling so familiar
When you’re falling apart and you know it
You’re coming undone and you wish you could pause it… 318 more words


Clemency Green, The Page And The Stage For Change

Who is Clemency Green?

Born Igbor Clement about two decades ago, Clemency is so many things. A fashion retailer and stylist with special interest in male corporate fashion. 629 more words


An Interview with Dr. White

An interview I directed/edited, for a class assignment, with Dr. Prince White.



I fall in love twice a week–every Mondays and Thursdays to be specific. For an hour and a half in room 20-something. In between this period, I blink more than necessary. 479 more words

Spoken Word Poetry


Have I stayed too long in what I assumed to be our own little world? You should have told me if it wasn’t necessary.

You should have told me if the dark patches of clouds pissed you off, I could have found a way to wipe them out. 533 more words

Spoken Word Poetry

Insomnia Illness Poem

Near faint from exhaustion
Vision is blurred
Body craving sleep
Covers undisturbed

Obsessive, compulsive
Anxious, depressed
Pick one, any one
Have no success

Insomnia like a virus… 53 more words