Something to Think About

What do you do when you are bored? For most people, myself included, my guess is that reading our Bibles would not be the first way we’d think to spend that time. 53 more words

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Letters Matter

Today I received a special handwritten letter from Fredeline. What she said in her letter was a reminder of how important the letters I write to the children are. 215 more words

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Fredeline's New Photo

I received an updated picture of Fredeline this past week. I am sure she dressed up in her very best for this picture, and I will cherish it!

Fredeline – Old and New

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Who Cares About the Ones Left Behind?

In what is being called an “urgent humanitarian crisis” the U.S. is struggling with an unprecedented surge in children immigrating across the Mexican border illegally. 446 more words


A Place Where No One Should Have to Live: Remembering Kibera (Part 3)

A few days ago Kibera was mentioned at an event I attended and the name sounded so familiar. After a moment I realized it sounded familiar because I had been there three years ago.   378 more words


Join the BGCBulloch Family!

See how this child has been forever changed by joining Bgc Bulloch! Donate today to help more kids have an experience like this for the upcoming school year! 76 more words

Art from Togo

Akoete seems to be quite the little artist. I have received three separate drawings from him this year. It is always special and interesting to see what he shares with me.

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