My first letter to Jonathan

Last week I wrote my first letter to Jonathan.  It was so wonderful to write to a young 6-year-old boy.  Especially someone who has a very different way of life than I do.  92 more words

Christian Outreach

Our January newsletter is out

If you have ever wondered whether sponsoring can change lives, John and Carol’ story is a must read in our January Newsletter.


Sponsor a Child

The following children are in need of sponsors.

For only $35 per month through World Vision, you can help a child’s community to fund projects that provide clean water, nutritious food, basic healthcare, educational opportunities and economic development assistance. 647 more words

World Vision

$2015 in 2015 for World Vision Australia

World Vision Australia is a charity I passionately support and am proud to be a blog ambassador for. In 2015, I vow to raise $2015 for this incredible organisation. 176 more words

Emma Lovell

Happy Sponsor-versary to Me!

Today I received a sweet card in the mail from Compassion International wishing me a ‘Happy Sponsor-versary’.  The card included a picture of the first child I began to sponsor slightly over a year ago — Fredeline. 135 more words

Sponsoring Children

12 Days of Christmas in Congo - Motherhood

To be a mother without the means to help your child is gut wrenching. While we were in the process of adopting our sons, the report came that our youngest broke his femur. 293 more words

12 Days Of Christmas In Congo