Actionaid & Palestine

A few minutes ago, I watched an adnvertisement about Actionaid Greece and the help they offer to Palestine – to communities and children who suffer and live under awful circumstances. 334 more words

Why was I invited to visit Uganda as a #WVAbloggers Ambassador with World Vision?

I loved this article written by World Vision staff member, Lou Acheson, which sums up the important reason for Blog Ambassador trips far better than I ever can: 711 more words


Count your Blessings

This is Blessing. We are sponsoring his education through Nikki Luxford’s Charity, One Step Malawi. He is seven years old and lives with his mother. Have a look at Nikki’s website One step Malawi to see the amazing things she is doing there. 21 more words


A couple weeks ago Josiah and I went to a Jason Gray concert. We had a wonderful time listening to the music from Lindsey McCaul, Unspoken, Carrollton, and Jason Gray. 388 more words


The Older Ones

When choosing a child to support, there are no wrong choices. Each child needs someone to care enough to sponsor them through our gifts and communications to them. 208 more words

Sponsoring Children

Double Rainbows

It wasn’t long ago that I was driving home from woke when I saw this double rainbow. It was so brilliant that people (myself included) were pulling over to take photos of it. 528 more words

American Girl Vs. Third World Girl

American Girl, or AG, is a doll. Like most dolls, there are optional “add ons” such as outfits, accessories and furniture.

Dolls are important play things for both girls and boys. 993 more words