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April 7, 1864 (a Thursday)

On this date, Louis Pasteur uttered his famous statement, “The doctrine of spontaneous generation will never recover from the mortal blow inflicted by this experiment,” during an… 524 more words


Spontaneous Generation and Experimentation

Early spring seemed a good time to take a look at not just butterflies but also the less appealing insects too. (I’m having issues with ant swarms in the kitchen, any non-toxic ideas for addressing that, please pass them on!) 577 more words

Natural Science

Drawing and all Things #4: Miracle Maggot, Reductio ad Absurdum in the Goldenrod Age of Misinformation

The gestation period for my average blog post matches that of the human zygote.  Nine months.  That’s roughly one syllable every four hours.


Speaking of embryos (a segway to be proud of), science once thought that women were impregnated by frogs, noting the visual similarities between frogs and fetuses.  583 more words

Drawing And All Things

February 19, 1626 (a Thursday)

On this date, the Italian physician and poet Francesco Redi was born.

Spontaneous generation (abiogenesis), a long-held theory that life springs up from non-living or decaying organic matter, was based on observations of rotting food seemingly producing living organisms. 203 more words