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The 12 Highest Rated Spoofs And Satires On Netflix Streaming

Netflix has an unbelievably long list of spoofs and satires available for streaming, with some of those great satire and parody classics currently available. There’s no Blazing Saddles, but we do have… 39 more words


Watch: March of the Juggalos, a new "documentary" narrated by Morgan Freeman

This past weekend, thousands of gang members descended on Thornville, Ohio for the 15th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. The lineup included all-star heavyweights like Cannibal Corpse, Kottonmouth Kings, and Yelawolf, plus comedian Gilbert Gottfried and professional wrestler/ 64 more words


Let Slip the Cats of War!

My cats are big Shakespeare fans; in the case of Rocco, who’s been letting himself go a bit, a huge fan of the Bard–fifteen pounds at his last checkup.  1,124 more words


Sport Never Dies But My Willingness To Live Does

Greetings from Glasgow! Hamish here and I’ve managed to sneak in during Dick’s unexplained absence. For the next couple of weeks I will be bringing you all the news you need to know from the Commonwealth Games so sit back and enjoy the Games! 1,628 more words


Remote. Control?

Yesterday I lost the TV remote for possibly the final time. Possibly because I really need the remote, but final because it’s nowhere to be found. 114 more words


Me and Dionysus

The wife is out of town this weekend, an opportunity for me to catch up with an old friend whose idea of a good time is, to put it mildly, not shared by the distaff half of my joint tax return. 1,174 more words


Me and My Code Talker Go to a Cocktail Party

It’s Saturday morning, which means the tension is starting to build for our weekly out-of-home social interaction. Regardless of whether we get together with people in a higher income bracket or a lower, my wife faults me for doing, saying, wearing, implying or inferring something I shouldn’t have. 1,934 more words