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Pencils in the Air for Your Jazz Mid-Term

It’s Friday–the day I’ve been dreading for two weeks since bombing a pop quiz in Jazz 101 at Carl Yastrzemski State College. I got a D+ for mixing up Fats Navarro with Fats Waller and spacing out on “Where or When: Compare and contrast.” That means I’ve got to get at least an A- on the mid-term if I’m going to maintain the B average dad says I need if he’s going to keep me on “the gravy train.” “College bred means a four-year loaf,” he says with that sarcastic laugh of his. 561 more words


sri sri ravi shankar caught red handed in argentina and spoofed

See how the people of Argentina caught Sri Sri Ravi Shankar red-handed…


After making millions out of selling meditation, look at him checking his phone during “guided” meditation… 55 more words

Indian Cults And Cult Abuse

Modern Day Head Hunting: A Guide for Idiots - Part 1

Good evening Strange World Cadets, I would like to share with you an incident that happened to me close to twenty years ago…

In the year 1980, I was asked to lead an expedition through the jungles of Peru on behalf of the Pragmento Corporation who was sponsoring this intriguing excursion. 851 more words


No More (Timber Parody) feat. Omjoe

Parody of the popular song Timber. About eating too much…
I made this a few days ago but hadn’t posted it to here because I’ve been gone from here for a long time.

Marlon Wayans' Mission to Make You Laugh

Stuff happens. It just does. And so it was when I talked to Marlon Wayans about A HAUNTED HOUSE 2. For some reason, my recording suite failed, and what should have been broadcast quality sound was a static mess. 1,439 more words


At the Farrah Fawcett Wing of the Smithsonian

     Farrah Fawcett’s red bathing suit and a poster bearing her image have been donated to the Smithsonian.
                The Boston Herald

As I herded my class of seventh-grade boys from Ryan O’Neal Consolidated Middle School up the steps of the Smithsonian Institution, I had to catch myself more than once, the wave of emotions that swept over me was so strong. 573 more words