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The pigeon is back. And he brought a friend.

I like to imagine that he’s bringing home a special someone, his pigeon beau. And I’m the terrifying in-law this new pigeon has to impress. 383 more words

"Howlin' Threads!"

Mock advert for Werewolf Tailors. Drew this on blackboard
Flights of fancy.


My Dog's Hipper Than Your Dog

My dog’s hipper than your dog,
My dog’s hipper than yours–
My dog’s hipper ‘cause he wears a French beret
My dog’s hipper than yours. 127 more words


Life Insurance Industry Courts Young With Songwriting Contest

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois.  The American Life Underwriters Association, a trade group that represents the interests of life insurance companies nationwide, finds itself in an unusual position today: instead of lobbying Congress to maintain their members’ exemption from federal regulation, three representatives of the group in white shirts and grey suits are seated at a dais more suited to “The Voice” or “American Idol,” pencils in hand. 727 more words


Shylock Humes In: The Case Of The Farringdon Funker

A Victorian gentleman pictured diligently checking the saturated fat content in a murderous, Amazonian dwarf outside Fortnum & Mason’s

By Edgar Alan Pose aka Gary Hoadley… 776 more words


Something for the ears..

Just something for you which will cause a lot of pain.. about a minute of it. Ouch!

"Celebration of Mediocrity" Draws to Close With a Bang

OMAHA, Nebraska. This city is abuzz today as municipal employees paint lamp posts and spruce up planters in the downtown area for an unprecedented celebration that some say is bigger than a world’s fair or an Olympic Games. 603 more words