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New Release

After a successful launch event at Waterstones in Kirkcaldy, Haunted Kirkcaldy is now available in book stores and online. This was the first time I have done a launch night, and the nerves were kicking in, but the audience were great and all seemed to go well. 48 more words


Every time I go back east, this house gets my interest. It’s a long abandoned hotel that used to be called, “Sunnyside.”

As you can see, it looks anything but. 118 more words

To Be Human

Raise The Horns For Halloween / Dead Horse

Autumn has made it’s presence well and truly known here in the North, and the preparations for All Hallows’ Eve are beginning. I’m going to be selecting the greatest Halloween related oddities that I can uncover, and sharing them here for you to enjoy as the days get darker, the cold starts to take hold and the dead start to shift in the soil.






The Key Pt. 3

(Click for Part 1 and Part 2)

Shadows. Chaos. Danger. Remember these words.

When Robin awoke or came to or whatever, she was sitting opposite the strange beetle man thing. 1,068 more words


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is one of the most iconic of all urban legends, practically everyone knows about her and every region has their take on this legend that borders on being a fabled myth. 1,000 more words