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Heartburn actually has nothing to do with your heart

I’ve been having the worst heartburn lately. Ugh. What I’ve been eating lately probably hasn’t been helping, but healthier food is way more expensive than it should be.  333 more words

Rose Tint My World

Yeah, I know I forgot to make a post yesterday, but it was for a good reason! I finally got out to do things! Outside! With people! 516 more words

quite a week! noroviruses, babies, and emotional support animals oh my!

a lot of things happened this week.

  • maybe the coolest thing is that 1,000,000,000 people (okay, not QUITE that many, but it feels like that many to me) checked out my blog ’cause wordpress linked me on…
  • 476 more words

The pain explains it's time to make a change

The only thing relevant to the title and this blog post is that it has to do with pain.

I just really wanted to make a pun. 325 more words

Invisible Illness

I had a pretty decent day today. My appetite isn’t back to how it normally is, but my energy level was pretty consistent.

Work was a bit annoying because I was stuck doing a two person shift by myself. 492 more words

Second Remicade Day Log

Today was definitely an interesting one. It was my first time getting a medical treatment as an outpatient that wasn’t dental work or getting my tonsils removed. 1,118 more words

Good news (finally)

I finally have good news! I’ve finally got a Remicade appointment for tomorrow! I can’t wait to get back on schedule with things.

Four weeks late isn’t that bad, right? 181 more words