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Energy budgeting and setting priorities

My condition, and the ways in which it affects me, can vary wildly from one day to the next. Sometimes I can predict the change; sometimes I can’t predict it, but can see the reasons with the benefit of hindsight; sometimes the difference seems entirely random. 676 more words

Oh, You're Wasting My Time!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  And I’d love to say that it’s because I have been so busy that it’s just slipped my mind, but that wouldn’t be completely true.   2,568 more words


Post 533: Spoon theory and chronic illness

As a weggie – one of those people fated to live with Wegener’s granulomatosis (AKA GPA) for the rest of my life – I’ve had well-meaning people try to offer strategies and advice on how to deal with chronic illness. 584 more words

Extending Spoon Theory - my mini spoons

Spoon Theory is the most brilliant thing I have ever read on chronic illness. If you haven’t read it, then you really should. Not least because I’m not going to repeat it here, but just add a little bit to explain how it feels for me. 621 more words


Being the Bailer

I’ve done a lot this week. More than I usually allow myself to do. It’s not what I did so much as how many “spoons” 623 more words


from the amazing EndoKitty

Line One: I don’t give a flying spoon

Line Two: No really, I don’t have any left to give today

** The Spoon Theory **


Thank God for Small Victories

So it’s been five days that I’ve been taking this new medication and all I can say is…wow. Just wow. I have been living with chronic pain for so long that I literally am going to have to get used to not being in virtually no pain again. 400 more words