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The NEW! Baking, Butter, & Happiness!

BBH is re-launching on September 1st!

For now, you can view all content on http://www.bakingbutterhappiness.wordpress.com.

To view a sneak preview of the new home page, you can view it on my… 214 more words


Happiness a destination or a Journey?


When my therapist asked what I wanted from counseling my answer was I just want to be happy.

In the past year I’ve come to realize that happiness isn’t a destination to get to. 263 more words


No not the silver tea stirring type of spoon, not a real spoon at all, more a imaginary way of measuring how much energy it takes to do certain things. 232 more words

Trying Some Foods

Oh god, I was so out of it yesterday. It took me a few hours just to write that post. Anyway.

So my Rick (my husband) and I are going to try chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and hemp seeds. 655 more words


But You Don't Look Sick

For as long I as can remember, I’ve been in pain. In elementary school, I would be up crying most nights because my legs felt like they were on fire. 1,035 more words

The Spoon Theory in action.

I cannot judge anyone’s ability level. I’ve experienced how invisible illness, including mental health is treated. I’m not willing to do that to anyone else.  761 more words

Chronic Illness

Quesadillas never let you down

I’m still dealing with fevers. Work today was rough and I almost decided to go home early, but I was able to power through the discomfort. 209 more words