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Invisible Disease Friday

I really needed a day off.

As each day went on, I had been getting more and more worn out, more and more unable to get up when laying down, more and more exhausted. 532 more words

Borrowing Spoons

Do you know the Spoon Theory? It is a story about spoons representing energy and health for those with chronic illnesses. Well, here’s one of my many experiences ( August 2013) with “borrowing spoons”: 1,228 more words


Four trees, four days and an empty spoon drawer

I did it!  Three days and four trees decorated.  The fourth day (today) has been total rest!  Will this be enough to gather enough spoons to see me through a busy week at work. 639 more words


Chronically creative! My proposed solution for crippling fatigue.

The thing I hate the most about my endometriosis is the free gift of chronic fatigue that it comes with. I can be such a warrior in the face of even the worst pain imaginable, but this constant, grinding, debilitating exhaustion has really knocked the life and pizazz right out of me. 659 more words


#Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter, Depression and "the Oppressor"

“If you are neutral on situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” –Desmond Tutu

If you are neutral on situations of injustice,

189 more words

Christmas, Chronic Pain and Spoons

I love Christmas.  I love the sparkling lights, the fragility of glass baubles, the ancient decorations that are older than me, the tradition of decorating the tree or in my case trees!   800 more words