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Spoons: The Fallacy of "If I Can Do It, Then You Can Do It"

Let’s just start straight off with what got me annoyed at this mentality this time around. Someone posted online that they were upset they wouldn’t get to workout that day because they were working a 12 hour shift. 506 more words


What is it like??

What is it like? We all get asked that just about every single day. It is a good question. In fact, its such a good question that I am going to answer it before I even tell you who I am. 848 more words


I Choose To Spend My Time With You

Today, my mom and I discussed the nuances of living with a limited number of “spoons.” By spoons, we mean energy, endurance, and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on when I truly began to feel a lack of spoons as I tried to live like my Type A personality expected…. 2,316 more words

Spoon Theory

You know you are a spoonie if…

  1. Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and disinfectant spray can all be found in your home, car, and purse. And now count as beauty supplies.
  2. The “rate your pain” scale on doctor visit sheets do absolutely nothing.
  3. 530 more words

November News

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and happily, the summer flares that plagued me throughout July and August have subsided, and I’ve had a pretty calm Autumn. 925 more words


Why I Will Never Use the Spoon Theory

I hate the spoon theory. I absolutely loathe the glib little story written by Christine Miserandino.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the spoon theory (located… 709 more words


Adventure Time: Embarking on a New Blogging Journey

I’ve always loved writing; in school it was my escape from home, growing up it became a place to play and explore and work out who I was. 362 more words

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