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[Photo] Earning my spoons

(Caption because it may not be clear: Spoon reads “Earned my spoon”)

A while ago my mother got me this little pendant off Etsy. If I could remember who made it, I’d link them. 117 more words

I Choose To Spend My Time With You

Today, my mom and I discussed the nuances of living with a limited number of “spoons.” By spoons, we mean energy, endurance, and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on when I truly began to feel a lack of spoons as I tried to live like my Type A personality expected…. 2,316 more words

Spoon Theory

November 19th 2014

Today I took a can of Crambell’s Chicken and Dumpling Soup into work. I bought my own spoon, but it is from a thrift store. I invest in spoons from thrift stores as they are frequently stolen from work. 187 more words

Trapped on Venus: My First Run Through the Raid

Authored by ThomsonC36 (If you like this maybe he’ll post another one) Editors notes in [brackets]

The Titan [he calls himself the Titan but by the end of this article he gains a much more appropriate nickname… 575 more words


Spiced Orange Chocolate Spoons

It is widely accepted in scientific circles that a little bit of chocolate every day does wonders for one’s general health, demeanor, muscular strength, bone density, complexion and sexual performance*.  482 more words


Big Girl Status

With her birthday gift, my sister helped me reach a significant milestone in life.  Today, all my silverware matches.

For those who have ever mysteriously lost a spoon or fork, know that its theft served a very special purpose.   261 more words



Some days, I have to sit when I shower.

The energy expenditure of standing is hefty for someone of my health status, and some days I just don’t have the resources to do it. 366 more words