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Conserving Spoons

If you aren’t familiar with “spoons” in the context of disability, take a few moments to read Christine Miserandino’s landmark piece on Spoon Theory before reading this post. 1,478 more words

Social Communication


Are you a kitty into cosplay? Then you’ll enjoy this video.

Balancing Spoons and perfectionism is hard.



Give me something good to eat; 

That nourishes my spirit as well as my soul.

Give me something that taste just as good;

As sex is too my body. 57 more words



#Bangles, #forks, #spoons, finish, unfinished, I’m surrounded by the stuff . Too busy getting in to making the things to realize it’s piling up all around in lots of random boxes, This #crafts #business needs a bit of thinking about. 144 more words

Why Flatware matters to the Success of your Restaurant

Flatware Does Matter

At first blush, choosing forks, spoons and knives for your new restaurant might seem like a relatively insignificant task, just one among many decisions you have to make before opening day. 354 more words