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As the blog deloveps... blogger shares a real life lesson with his audience

Life sometimes teaches us lessons that if the lesson does not kill us makes us stronger people. The transition for me into sports blogging

from sports journalism after a long hiatus from any type of writing at all has at times been a like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park with highs and lows. 458 more words

Sports Column

Paying College Athletes Sends Wrong Message of Priorities

The discussion of whether or not to pay the college athlete has gone on for years now. Both sides of this argument present a good case of evidence for and against the payment of college athletes. 969 more words

Sports Column

Houston Astros have plenty of young talent, but rough road ahead

It may be difficult to see in terms of overall record, but the Houston Astros are slowly but surely improving.

With a handful of up-and-coming players on the team’s roster, the Astros are on the road to a newfound success in the majors — although it may take a few more seasons to truly see the results. 631 more words