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Life of Ryan

I caught that documentary the other night on the 4-match spell Ryan Giggs had as interim player-manager following the late season sacking of David Moyes at Manchester United earlier this year. 610 more words



Well Kylie duly appeared in something very skimpy, apart from the head-dress which was HUGE.  And she sang her stuff including CGYOOMH just for me (TYK). 117 more words



Look I thought the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which seemed to receive universal praise, was a bit celtic inscrutable; i just couldn’t tell where the irony and self-deprecation stopped and the Scottish whimsy took over. 143 more words


The Randomness 7/25

This is how hot it is right now…

As hot as that clip. We have another heat wave going on in the North Bay, which is making me lazy. 1,423 more words

Och shocking Jocks

Oh blimey I’ve been watching the opening ceremony to the Commonwealth Games tonight. It’s well into its programme  (Rod the mod’s been on twice now) and it has certainly livened up. 369 more words


Come on Blatter, do the decent thing for once

I’ve a solution to the problem Sepp Blatter has been facing for some years – how to end his tenure as President of FIFA on a high note, respected around the world for his courageous convictions. 465 more words