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NBA Preseason: The Race to Improve

As we all know, each year there is an influx of newer, younger, and hungrier players looking to make it in the league.  And if you are not one of those new guys, but have had a bad season or two, you could be out of the league and playing in Europe before you even know it.   1,291 more words


Go Giants! Again!

(Rally pumpkin! Yeah, it’s the best I could do to show Giants support there. But let me see you carve those words there. And do that under 10 minutes.) 907 more words

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NBA Preseason: Durant Down, Westbrook Up

The Thunder have now faced two tough injuries to their star players in the past couple seasons.  Last year while Russell Westbrook rehabbed, Durant took the reigns of the team and catapulted himself into the MVP race by going on an… 718 more words


New York Knicks Wish List

This Knicks season is just not going to be our season. We have a chance to be alright, but I just want so many things, and I know only a few of them will probably happen.   509 more words


NBA Preseason: The Freak and the Freshman

Coming into this season the bucks will be putting out the youngest roster in the league with their team average right at 24 years of age.   513 more words


NBA Preseason: The Third Triangle

Carmelo Anthony no longer has what was to be considered a big three in New York.  Amar’e might still be there, but we all know how that goes.   818 more words


NBA Preseason: The Derrick Rose Situation

After catching Monday’s solid performance from Derrick Rose, I’m glad I missed last night’s game.  Rose shot 0-4, but had eight free throw attempts in only fourteen minutes of play (same as last night).   995 more words