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Playoffs, baby, playoffs

The NHL Playoffs, I mean. I’d talk about the NBA playoffs, but I’d rather see it all burn down to the ground. Or I’ll just wait until some team knocks out the Miami Heat, preferably before the Finals round. 159 more words

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Spark notes: The most important lines in Drake's 'Draft Day'

As I listened to “Draft Day” just minutes after Drake tweeted out the SoundCloud link late Thursday night, I could not get this image out of my mind:

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Sounds For The Mound

In honor of the start of baseball season (woooooo), here are some songs I’d use for walk-up music if I was a baseball player.

*Nine Inch Nails – “March of the Pigs”* 567 more words

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Light in the Ocean of Despair

As a longtime Laker fan, it feels awkward just writing those first five words given what’s become of the team the past two seasons. I have long accepted their current state of sucktitude; every NBA franchise, even the ones with a rich, winning history like the Lakers, has their down seasons. 137 more words

Sports Stuff

The Randomness 3/11 - "Hockey Games and Trashy Talk Shows"

Since my last bout of randomness, I did some interesting stuff. Like, attend my very first hockey game–Penguins vs. Sharks, in San Jose last week. 1,283 more words

The Randomness 2/16 - "Olympics, nutty Miley, and a damn cold"

Happy President’s Day weekend. I feel like crap. More on this later.

I’ll be starting a new thing around here called “The Randomness,” which spotlights my take on various happenings in this world, or at least parts of this world that I’m interested in (because NASDAQ and Uzbekistan politics ain’t sexy to me). 950 more words