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Dream Dots - Overnight spot treatment*

Spots – we all get them at some stage or another right? Not only are they annoying they can be painful and really knock your confidence. 348 more words



As a girl who had been acne prone for the last decade I have tried my share of spot killing treatments.  I think my acne is one of the things that makes me the most insecure about my appearance. 199 more words


Skincare saviours!

This Simple Eye Roll-on is cheap as chips and actually works. It’s got a cooling roll-on nib so is quick and you can skip all the faffing around with dipping your fingers into little pots. 301 more words


5 Steps to Clearer Skin

 Hi Everyone today’s post is five tips to getting the clear skin everyone wants!

First of all we are in no way skin experts. This is just what has worked for us so hopefully it works for you! 237 more words


Magic Pimple Eraser for under $5

Okay, maybe it’s not magic, but given how much it costs and how well it works, it may as well be.

I’ve tried numerous over the counter/prescription products for spot treatment, but the following two really work on those stubborn hard pimples when the other products simply weren’t working anymore.   377 more words


Tea Tree Oil

The first time I smelt tea tree oil I was disgusted, now I can’t get enough.

I have been using tea tree oil for years, mostly as an acne spot treatment. 132 more words

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