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"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" Review: Intelligent "Science-Faction"

After seeing the first installment in the prequel series to the classic Planet of the Ape movies, I had faith that Hollywood could still tell a meaningful story while rebooting its classic blockbusters. 253 more words


Phuket Dreaming - Episode 3 "Paid Assassin" (on location at Phuket Top Team)

Best Viewed in 720/1080 HD
(there is a chance no animals were harmed in the making of this episode)

In the third episode of Phuket Dreaming, Phuket Top Team’s Rob Lisita closes out his training camp for his outing against Eric Kelly on July 11 in Taiwan. 43 more words


Jianping Yang prepares for UFC Macau Vs Guangyou Ning

The Ultimate Fighter China featherweight final will finally go down at the up-coming UFC Macau – Cung Le Vs Bisping event on August 23rd.

The final sees Chinese MMA starsĀ  111 more words


Muay Thai Clip Of The Week 'up elbow is on the money'

Cracking fight at 116lbs, once the elbows get flying its a dangerous game.

Tor Kampi ends up landing a beautiful step up elbow (Tamala). Not just for slashing and cutting, elbows are just as good for landing brutal knockouts! 26 more words


Interview with Ian Entwistle ahead of UFC Fight Night Auckland (NZ)

Ian Entwistle is taking to the octagon June 28th in Auckland, New Zealand.

Training, living and fighting out of Phuket Top Team in Thailand, ‘Enty’ (Ian Entwistle) breaks down his signing, fight camp and lead up to the UFC debut Vs Daniel Hooker.


Muay Thai Clip Of The Week 'Sam-A upset with a stunning high kick'

Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym (red) vs Pettawee Sor Kittichai (blue)

at 126lbs. From Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok Thailand

on the 11th June 2014