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Some time ago I wrote about the band St.Aria that are started by my friend A. What I didn’t tell you back then was that I’ve be involved in writing music and lyrics to one of their songs on their debut album. 57 more words

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

As we return from Disrupt London, we give you the stories you won’t want to miss from the past week (10/18-10/24).

1. Josh Constine wrote a long form piece called… 793 more words


Bluetooth your old speakers

These days, there are so many cool-looking, portable but mediocre-sounding bluetooth speakers out there that allow you to play your MP3s or Spotify playlist.

But what if you have a decent – kickass home theatre system that’s sitting idle? 363 more words


The Gary Schunk trio: Kayak

Kayak was recorded in a single day – the trio produces a remarkable conversation – Gary Schunk, a Detroit jazz piano player, draws his partners, … 14 more words


Spotify Family:全家樂迷各自精彩


文: Spotify/Live Norish Editorial Board


好消息!Spotify Family讓你邀請最多四位家庭成員共享一個收費帳戶,而且每位家人可各自獨立保存自己的聆聽記錄、歌曲推介和播放列表。 

  • 你的帳戶,你的音樂Spotify Family讓家中各人擁有自己的帳戶。各享自己的獨立播放列表和音樂推介,並隨時欣賞自己喜愛的樂曲。 
  • 共享Premium服務 加入了Family計劃後,家中所有人均可享用完整的 Premium服務,包括離線播放、隨時於任何裝置上播放任何樂曲、沒有限制、沒有廣告。 
  • 多人多樂﹣家庭的日常開支可能已經需要不少費用,但欣賞音樂卻不一定要大筆花費。Spotify Family讓你最多可以在賬戶內加入四位家庭成員,每位額外用戶可獲得Spotify Premium五折優惠。即是說,一個五口之家每月只要繳付144港幣就可共享音樂之樂。 
  • 不再爭吵
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Fall Favorites Part 2

After reflecting and re-listening to my last playlist, I came to realize that it was less of a playlist and more of a giant iTunes library: unorganized and crammed with so many beautiful treasures. 99 more words



Hey everybody! My Spotify page wants some new followers! I think it would be really cool to have some new followers who can share music with me and each other. 70 more words