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Reality used to be a friend of mine*

It probably¬†goes without saying that social media has changed our lives in all sorts of ways, right? But sometimes I wonder whether it’s ¬†messing with our sense of reality. 440 more words

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How Students Listen

The Spotify Insights team took a deep dive into some of the listening data of college students to see if there were any differences in how students at different schools listen. 101 more words


A Crafternight

Well, this week has been a drag. I haven’t heard back from any companies that I’ve applied to and I had to go back to work today (womp womp). 165 more words


Spotify ranks America's "Top 40 Musical Universities", identifies college students' listening habits

Like so many of the students that have come before and after me, I’d say that a majority of my fondest college memories are closely associated with music. 668 more words


Day 11: Put Your IPod on Shuffle and Write The First 10 Songs That Pop Up.

This is going to be a quite short post I think, something heartbreaking have happend today, but I will still keep the challenge going.
I don’t have an Ipod, so I will shuffle my spotifylist of 500+ songs, and then write a little about the song. 276 more words