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Spotlight: Nina Turner's Viagra bill

To fight back against all the bills that the male colleagues pass to regulate women’s reproductive health, Nina Turner in return creates the Viagra bill. The Viagra Bill is “a bill that limits men’s ability to get a Viagra prescription without meeting certain government conditions”. 160 more words

Pro Choice

Spotlight: Aborted Child that survived- Gianna Jessen

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Gianna Jessen survived a failed saline abortion when she was just 30 months old. She weighed at only 2 lbs. 106 more words


Spotlight: After Tiller Film

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This spectacular film expresses the danger that doctors are placed in for performing abortions across America. Dr. George Tiller got gunned down in 2009, he was one of the only doctors who performed third-trimester abortions in the US. 73 more words

Pro Choice

Spotlight: Congresswoman Jackie Speier reveals her abortion story

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The choice to have abortion is a touchy subject to talk about, but to face the truth it happens. 114 more words

Planned Parenthood

VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with 'In Your Eyes" Star Nikki Reed at Tribeca Film Festival

In the Joss Whedon penned paranormal romance In Your Eyes, Nikki Reed plays Donna, a “local good-time-gal” that protagonist Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) flirts with dating as he tries to make a new start for himself in New Mexico. 188 more words


TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 19 – The Only Light in the Darkness

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Following up on last week, Coulson and his remaining team are still in the facility figuring out their next steps. When word from Grant comes that numerous villains have been turned loose, they decide to go after them and do their jobs. 300 more words


Spotlight: The return of Edgar Allen Poe

By Stacy Schoonover, Staff Writer

The goal to bring Edgar Allen Poe back to Boston has finally been reached! The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston… 287 more words