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Cranberry Orange Spotted Dick

My grandmother is a bit of an Anglophile. This one time, she kept talking about spotted dick. (I’m going to skip the obvious and tired VD jokes.) So I decided I’d buy some and surprise her. 648 more words


9. Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner is a thing here. Similar to how thanksgiving in the States is meant for football, turkey, and family, Sunday night in England is meant for relaxing with your family and enjoying good food. 438 more words

Occasionally, Working From Home Can Be Interesting

My friends and family have (mostly) learned to leave me undisturbed when I’m working from home. It took a while, but if you were greeted with snarls and profanity whenever you spoke to me during working hours, you’d learn to leave meĀ alone, too. 280 more words


Spotted Dick and Custard - Chef's Vapour

My first delve into what seems to be a luscious selection of juice by UK-based Chef’s Vapour!

If I vape any more custards I’ll be turning into a custard but anyway this is another custard with a bit of a pudding based twist, spotted dick (stop sniggering at the back)! 94 more words

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