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If you ever thought what kind of a life partner you will spend your life with, astrology has the key that reveals the nature of your would-be spouse. 1,262 more words


FWB  –  Friends With Benefits

is quite a popular ‘wish’ among many people who are not very satisfied with their life. I personally believe that most people who wish to have a FWB are not able to take full responsibility for their life and are in some way still kids, even when they are forty or more. 424 more words


iMonster Day 1 and 2

Hello wordpress. This is my official first post. I’ve learned a lot in life…mostly what not to do. I’d like to take the time, day by day, explaining how not to live. 2,104 more words


It might seem obvious, but one thing that keeps a couple on good terms is compromise. We all like to have our way and we like to feel we can have our way whenever we please. 272 more words


Breaking Bread, Breaking the Silence

Have you ever been in a restaurant and noticed a couple sitting together, eating their meal in total silence?  Have you ever worried that you might be turning into that couple who seems to have nothing left to say? 714 more words

Romance In Marriage

Wait! What? How is this suppose to go? Humorous thoughts of becoming a Military Spouse

Hi all the military spouses out there! Before my husband and I started this journey of active duty. I remember being so optimistic before he left for boot camp. 525 more words


Whom to catch when in problem?

Catch Catch Catch

Catch your girl friend

Catch Catch Catch

Catch your boy friend

Catch Catch Catch

Catch your spouse

or your kid

or your society… 77 more words