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Can Ankle Sprains Lead to Back Pain??

As a chiropractor, ankle sprains are one of the most common complaints that my patients have. Often these are due to sports injuries, but I have seen many that were due to walking on uneven surfaces or just missing a curb. 511 more words

Horror Stories About Fencing Safety to Tell Your Students and Teammates

In a recent study on Olympic sport injury rates, Fencing ranked among the safest sports listed. Given the fact that Fencing is a combat sport rooted in duels to the death, it should come as a surprise that such a ferocious sport would be safer than say, Badminton or Table Tennis. 654 more words

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Want to avoid fencing injuries? Don't be lax about the safety rules. Here are some true stories of what can happen.

Be careful where you step!

I hope you all are having a good December thus far. Those of you who celebrate Christmas, are you well into your preparations? I’ll have Dad’s gift-shopping done for him when I pick up two more items. 461 more words


Orthopedic aids made to assist people who need medical support products. Neck braces are available, along with arm braces and hip and knee braces. The range also includes supports and braces for the shoulders, torso, arms and spine. 108 more words

Ankle Brace

The Painful Truth

Recently I wrote about my “great” fall. It turns out it was greater than I thought. As the pain in my wrist kept increasing, I could no longer ignore it. 599 more words


Orkney Folklore: The Wristing or Wresting Thread.

At the moment I am doing a lot of research for a particular section of my novel which is very much entwined with Orkney’s archaeology and folklore. 299 more words

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