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Hey guys so it may seem a little strange me talking about my spray tan but hopefully some of you will find it helpful and interesting.  701 more words

Spray Tanning Tips for the Plus Size Gal

Both pictures include VERY minimal amounts of the SAME makeup.
Both pictures were taken in the SAME spot, same lighting, same time 1 day apart. 916 more words


Spray Tan Tips for Spray Tan Nightmares

Have you ever got a bad spray tan? I think we all have, and we all know how incredibly difficult it is to GET IT OFF! 314 more words


St. Tropez Spray tans available at Black Caviar in Oakville. $45 includes tax!

The Tale of The Never Ending Winter

So this whole Frozen ( On sale this week at Target for $13 by the way) take over is great for Disney and all ,but the whole frozen thing outside with the weather needs to stop. 457 more words


Bronze Leaf Spray Tan? Yes Please!

I’ve learnt to embrace my porcelain skin.  However, as we move from spring towards summer more and more flesh is slowly being uncovered and this year I have decided to join the ranks of the bronzed brigade. 472 more words