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Booking the Spring Break Trip!!! You should join us?

My Travel Club has a travel club for College Students! We got the best deal on Spring BreakTravel on the planet!

Cool pub crawls and just really amazing trips for you and your friends. 133 more words

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The Waiting Period

One of the longest waiting periods of my college career occurred towards the end of my junior year as I awaited news on a leadership position for which I applied. 829 more words


Best Spring Break Getaways for College Students

Are you looking for an awesome and inexpensive place to travel over spring break? We thought so. Whether you’re looking to go on a Caribbean getaway or stay more local, here are some options that won’t break the bank. 280 more words

What the Internet Thinks Women Want

Back in 1991 when they invented the Internet (whoever “they” is), they claimed it was going to change the world, provide us with knowledge at a snap of our fingers, and grant the user infinite tools, connections, and gateways to the world at large. 637 more words


Spring is just around the corner and more and more people are striving to get the beach body everyone wants. An amazing body is usually a combination of healthy dieting, mixed with natural and safe weight loss supplements and a focused workout regime. 445 more words


Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys

I don’t know how this song came to mind, but alas, here we are:

“Let’s hear it for Neeew Yooorrrk!”

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