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Spring Breakers (2012)

In the beginning of Harmony Korine’s excellent, yet divisive Spring Breakers there’s a scene in a lecture hall which – besides being aesthetically pleasing, all those kids gently lit by their notebook screens, like a counterweight to the neon saturated fever dream that will follow – serves a thematic purpose: the class is on the African Americans’s equal rights movement, and it’s the narrative of emancipatory movements that Korine subverts in his (fairy)tale of female empowerment. 679 more words


A24- A vision that will change the movie industry

In just a year and a half, the new indie film distribution company A24 has made a distinctive mark in the film industry. Most notably last years’ SPRING BREAKERS and THE BLING RING earned a well deserved profit. 533 more words

Alien (James Franco)

“Spring Break.  Spring Break.  Spring Break forever…”

Spring Breakers (2012)


Selena Gomez Out And About In Miami! -- Photos Here!

This weekend, July 13 & 14, Selena Gomez was spotted out and about in Miami, FL.  Posing for pictures with fans and riding around with her “Spring Breakers” director, Harmony Korine!

Check out the photos below!

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Going Both Ways

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There’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my flat chest for some time now. 1,471 more words

Selena Gomez: Finding 'Harmony' Without Justin Bieber

This could be HUGE news. Selena Gomez was spotted out in Miami on July 12 with ‘Spring Breakers’ director Harmony Korine. Selena is finding ‘harmony’ without Justin Bieber and it may be in the form of a ‘Spring Breakers’ sequel! 481 more words

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