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Have You Heard... "Au Revoir" by Chancellor Warhol?

Songs of 2014 – “Au Revoir” by Chancellor Warhol

by S.L. Fevre

If Jay-Z is the Catholic Church of rap gods, old, opulent, and claiming to be the one and only true choice, then Kanye is Jesus. 573 more words


Spring Breakers (2013)

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers was one of the most talked about, yet most misunderstood films of 2013. A horror story of the somewhat distorted values and warped perception of spirituality of Britney Spears generation sure to terrify any parent – cashed up, video game fed, oversexed, engaged in religion in a somewhat contradictory way; upon release, those expecting a toilet humor, consequence-free, brainless party movie a’la Project X were surprised to find a film that is much more commentary than debauchery. 473 more words


Jamie Foxx and Benicio del Toro to Star in Harmony Korine's Gangster Movie

Variety reports that Jamie Foxx and Benicio del Toro will co-star in an “ensemble gangster drama” written and directed by Harmony Korine. The Trap, as it is currently titled, is also billed as a revenge movie, but additional plot details have yet to surface. 138 more words

Jamie Foxx to Star in Ensemble Gangster Drama "The Trap"

According to Variety.com, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has agreed to star in ensemble gangster drama “The Trap,” the latest project from “Spring Breakers” director  123 more words


My 5 Favorite Movie Moments (in no specific order)

1. True Romance (1993)

Directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, True Romance is a supreme masterpiece. In this scene, Mobster Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken) breaks into Clifford Worley’s (Dennis Hopper) home in search for Clifford’s son Clarence (Christian Slater) and his new wife Alabama (Patricia Arquette). 848 more words



Halloween in college means three nights of parties and three nights of costumes. My roommates and I have a reputation to uphold with our costume from last year. 250 more words

There Is No Bad Music

“It’s so easy to laugh

It’s so easy to hate

It takes guts to be gentle and kind.”

- The Smiths, “I Know It’s Over” (1986) 1,417 more words