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Spring Breakers (2013)

Sometimes, I doubt my abilities as a film critic because I don’t have the heart to verbally eviscerate a movie. Just look at American Hustle  469 more words


25 Unbelievable Cures For Your Spring Fever

1. Move to the Northeastern U.S., where spring doesn’t exist.

2. Eat a lot of ice cream out of a bowl that’s shaped and painted to resemble a bowl of ice cream. 337 more words

Big Shot: Bully

Before Harmony Korine recruited Disney’s brightest stars to shed their tops in Spring Breakers, he teamed up with Larry Clark to throw moms into a tailspin with their debaucherous youth exposé Kids. 917 more words

Big Shot

Spring Breakers Trailer

My custom made Spring Breakers trailer.


[Movie] Spring Breakers

While Magic Mike left me drooling over hunkies that looks like they are fresh from a magazine cover shoot, Spring Breakers left me absolutely dumbfounded. 160 more words


Steve's Music Mix to Get Me Going Again

I’ve been away for a while. School is KILLING ME.

I, fortunately, am now on spring break and have no more school to worry about (well, for a week) so I should be able to post!!! 163 more words