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(it's not just old age, either)

Under a new moon, at the turning of the earth towards summer, I sit at my table out on the deck, the candle flickering as the last stragglers of the bat community head over east, and I, a being once so addicted to “everywhere-but-here”, a global gaddabout of the first order, so easily seduced by salubrious memories of living and working and loving in Europe, North America, India, the Homeland (Aotearoa New Zealand), always ready to go – go – go now, am wallowing in a ridiculous contentment that consumes all desire to spend precious energy fleeing the inexplicable luxury of… 236 more words


Imbolc & Eostar - Spring's Awakening & Arrival

We celebrated Imbolc at the beginning of August as the first signs of Spring’s awakening were burgeoning around us. We noticed our bulbs; first snowdrops, slowy the  jonquils, and then daffodils beginning to bloom, we started to see new lambs and calves in the fields on our drives into town, and blossoms adding colour to roadsides everywhere. 935 more words

Seasonal Festivals

Embracing Traditions

Hi, my name is Cara, and I’m Eclectic. I also love referring to myself as “a dirt-worshipping, tree-hugger”.

Hi Cara.

One of the downsides to being solitary and considering yourself eclectic in your path is that you tend to make up your own traditions – that is, you make things up as you go along. 788 more words


Autumn Equinox : Crow Magic

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Happy Mabon! Happy Libra New Moon! Happy Pluto-Turning-Direct!

It’s quite a week for celebration. The dark season sets upon the earth, thinning the veil between worlds and opening up the gateways for magic. 336 more words


A Fine Balance

Constant evolution is our birthright. And so, it is incumbent on each of us to give it a consistent red hot go. The current astrology offers a delightful mix of soul soaring opportunity, heart dredging shadow dancing and an overdue whoosh of fresh air to ensure that even the stalest paradigm is rattled. 1,118 more words


Kousouris Brothers Produce

We thought the First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) 2014 would be the perfect day to begin our new blog. There is much more to the arrival of the new season than just the changing of the leaves and pumpkin spice everything. 348 more words

Autumnal Equinox

Ostara, and a bit about my pagan modes...

We are celebrating Ostara tomorrow. This year, we are going up into the mountains to visit our friends and will break feast with them.

Our friends call themselves wiccans, though the title is flexible – just as the general title I give myself in much of my spiritual rituals is… 2,248 more words

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