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Energy free spring growth for plants?

How do planets, trees initiate growth in spring, without any stored energy source, nor photosynthesis? Capillary action can ‘pull’ water up via xylem; not unlike a wet and dry portion of paper. 25 more words

Letters From Ionia

Spring Is An Asshole (A Short Poem)

A quick ode to spring time. I know my poetic stylings are greatly appreciated. What’s that you say? The next Banjo Patterson? I hardly think so but thanks… 201 more words


My Spring Has Arrived

Wind, Breeze, Gust – please, whatever your name,

hold your huff and puff for a time

Now the sunshine is back, I’m warm

 full and alive (and oh so very admired) 69 more words


Spring is Coming!

A primavera está chegando e com ela é hora de aprender sobre insetos e flores.

Nesse mês teremos diversas atividades envolvendo: dramatizações, artesanato, experimentos científicos, pesquisas, músicas, histórias com leitura e interpretação sobre a vida de insetos. 317 more words


A walk in the Spring time.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. The weather has been unseasonably warm. Why it is not even 9 am and already the temperature is 14 C (57 F). 100 more words

Ulpulpe - Spring

It is days like these that have me yearning for a connection, beyond that link between moments.

A connection of heart and homelands,

Where song lines web our shared histories strength. 251 more words