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A woodland sampler...and a glimpse of the Easter Bunny.

A second consecutive glorious spring day…a great way to enjoy an Easter Sunday!

Beginning with Veterans Trail, I hiked the southern half from Route 146A northward and back.  177 more words

Pollinators, come get it

Shakerag Hollow continues its tumble through spring. The earliest blossoms are gone and fruits are fattening in their place. So goes the bloom of youth. The later flowers have now stepped forward and are waving for all they’re worth at the motley collection of pollinating bees, wasps, and flies. 39 more words

Shakerag Hollow

More Rodents Than I Know What To Do With

It has been a while.

My head has cleared a little and my brain has healed enough for me to exercise some. Only occasionally will I feel dizzy. 868 more words

Phenologicalish Stuff

Hiking with Good Friends and Wildflowers

When friends suggested that we met for breakfast at one of their favorite breakfast cafes and then go for a hike in Alum Creek State Park… 348 more words

Central Ohio Nature

Walking the road.

Go, before the men on mowing machines cut down the roadside riot of spring, and tame it short and ordinary, converting a bounty of flowers to a poverty of lawn. 415 more words

Adrian Fogelin

Photo of the Week - April 10, 2014

I’m a terrible birder.  I used to be pretty good, but I’ve kind of lost my motivation – there are too many other things to look at when I’m out in the field. 295 more words

Prairie Photography