The Great Outdoors...Indoors

So whilst preparing for a life changing adventure, you have to make certain priorities. For example, you must ensure your fundraising targets are met and you have to buy the correct kit. 117 more words

Then and Now

Then and Now: The Forest at Tryon Creek

By Bruce Rottink, Volunteer Nature Guide and Retired Research Forester

Prior to the creation of Tryon Creek State Natural Area (SNA) around 1970, no group had as much impact on the forest as the loggers… 1,480 more words

What the Government Did Right in 2014

While the Irish Government came in for a huge amount of criticism in 2014, and rightly so, they are doing one thing right.

Springboard is the government initiative focused on providing free 3rd level courses in the skills that will be most in demand in the future. 262 more words

Dublin Only

Hashlet spin-off for the VIA Springboard: OSHW FTW!

The hashlet, the simple BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi modules containing an Atmel ATSHA204 have inspired a re-mix for the VIA Springboard. The VIA Springboard is an impressive board containing an 800MHz VIA Cortex-A9, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB eMMC and the traditional slew of embedded protocols. 338 more words


Springboard: Rev Albert Ocran hosts Dr Mrs Ellen Hagan tonight

This week on Springboard “the Virtual University”, host Rev Albert Ocran brings Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan, a Human Resource expert of international repute closer to his listeners/ students. 196 more words