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10 on Tuesday: Things I Would Put in a Christmas Letter

Confession time: I like a good, newsy Christmas letter. I like getting them, and occasionally, I even like to write them. So, when I saw Carole’s topic for today — … 704 more words


a responce to 'Ixora' by Copeland.


Brief encounters in time that we all experience, the vast majority with no lasting footprint on our minds or lives that are over within the blink of an eye. 1,193 more words


Is That, Like, Stand-Up? (a.k.a. "Fire" by Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band (Live))

Unsure how I got here, I’m enjoying this live performance of “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Great songwriting with a performance to match. 319 more words


Top 10 Moments In Music 2014

10. Lorde’s Identity Is Revealed And She’s Actually Randy Marsh.

9. U2 Put An Album In My iTunes, And Apple Made An Update To Take It Off… 78 more words


Your Holiday Hit Parade

Maybe you saw this post two years ago.  Maybe not.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it has the spirit of Christmas but without either the pressure of giving gifts or the concerns about religion.   1,431 more words


The Top-Five Springsteen Albums

5. The River
The Boss’s 5th studio album was his darkest and most personal to date. Death and unrequited love are worn close to vest in songs like; Fade Away and Stolen Car. 92 more words


Day 1,050

Today I am thankful:

For new meds to try, and new nutritional supplements so I’m at least getting something.

For the half inch of rain we had yesterday. 21 more words

Gratitude Journal