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American Sniper: the film equivalent of Born In The USA?

Critics seem bizarrely divided on American Sniper, which opened in the UK yesterday. Some think it’s the sort of simplistic right-wing fable you’d expect of an avowedly Republican director, Clint Eastwood, who famously bizarrely addressed an empty chair at the Republican Convention. 531 more words

Leadership - Springsteen Style

While observing Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band’s recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I observed “The Boss” as a genuine and caring… 103 more words


Listening to Springsteen on Bluetooth

I’ve got a number of music apps on my phone.  Google has one.  That’s where I have  “Awesome Mix Volume 1” and a number of other purchased items that somehow made it over from one of itunes. 927 more words

Personal Reflection

Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen

While I am on the Springsteen kick, the title track of the 1982 album Nebraska is phenomenal.  Bruce stripped back to a bedroom recording of harmonica and guitar.   53 more words


Kitty's Back - Bruce Springsteen

OK, so I am on a bit of a Springsteen kick–nothing wrong with that, is there?  So after “Wrecking Ball” I am going back almost to the beginning.   93 more words


Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen

What weird bedfellows…  Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Miley Cyrus.  They all have songs called Wrecking Ball.  The one that I choose is Bruce (for my sins, I have not even heard the Miley Cyrus song).   75 more words


The extraordinary man who talks only about ordinary things

Lets get this out the way, whatever way you swing it, Bruce Springsteen is an extraordinary man. He plays to audiences of 80,000 regularly and has done so for 30 years at least, he is celebrated as a national hero in his home of the USA, he’s got awards of all types and he’s regularly in Rolling Stones top 30 artists and songs of all time. 476 more words

70s Music