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A few thoughts on defining genius

Genius is subjective. What one person defines as genius, another will dismiss as the expected – the average, even.

My thoughts on defining genius: If I were to dedicate myself to the profession – the medium – in question, from birth to death, with no distractions or breaks, and I… 197 more words

They Said It's Your Birthday

Happy birthday to me. Woo friggin hoo.

Another lap around the sun. Another lap getting lost, wasting time, being productive some days and others not getting a thing done, and wondering what I want to do with my life when I grow up. 391 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day 17

from Song for America

Ours are the fertile fields, the vineyards, the marshes.
Ours the pristine small towns glutted with the wealth of the city. 145 more words
American History And Culture

Springsteen creates special bond with nephews

It is the hackiest way to begin a story (“It was a dark and stormy night”), but in this case, the night truly was dark and stormy, so I guess it’s fair to say a cliché led us to this moment. 961 more words

My Life

Springsteen helps reunite a father and son

By: Michael Chiaramonte

My name is Mike Chiaramonte from New Jersey and I’m 14 years old. I started listening to Bruce when I was really young because he is my dad’s favorite artist. 121 more words

Lessons On Foreign Languages In A Reeperbahn Café by Djanet Tozeur / Slipstream #14 sex food death issue version

Lessons On Foreign Languages In A Reeperbahn Café

for Cordula


“trees or torture…”

“my breasts were made for children and your fingers…”

“choices are limited by the boundaries of the playing surface…” 999 more words

Dream Baby Dream

Bruce Springsteen debuted his version of “Dream Baby Dream” at the Rosemont Theater, just outside of Chicago, on May 11, 2005. He had just finished the second encore of the night, “The Promised Land,” when he asked the asked the question “one more Chicago” and went over to the harmonium he had used for several other songs that night and began a simple, yet alluring chord sequence. 540 more words