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23 December 2001

Probably about 8 in the morning. Sitting in the lounge listening to Springsteen. Feeling okay. Strange, disc-like dreams last night. I know what I mean, although I doubt I will later. 403 more words

Same Old Song

One night in high school
I was relaxing in bed
Thinking I was so cool in the dark
Listening to Springsteen
On my new Memorex tapes… 220 more words


Almost Nailed It

Whilst on our recent vacation, I noticed this coincidence and tried to snap a picture to commemorate it.

That day was very sunny, and I was only using my cell phone for the pic, so I couldn’t see the screen for the glare. 86 more words

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Colt 45 "The Tide Is Turning"

Colt 45 “The Tide Is Turning”

Maybe it’s something in the water but there has been a bit of an upsurge in quality punk rock n roll bands in the UK (see our reviews on Electric River and Magpies & Vagabonds for a couple of examples). 517 more words


Writing, politics, and holidays in the sun - tales from the 1980s

Here is another chapter from my new story-cycle book, Fifteen Minutes of Fame

In December 1985, on the day before my twenty first birthday, I held a large celebratory drink-up at the pub across the road from where I worked. 2,871 more words

An Owl, the Odyssium and the Oscars

It’s the evening of the Oscars and we are sharing the loveseat. It would be romantic except Leny is watching intently and I am checking my twitter feed on a tablet. 526 more words