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Be Like Water My Friend

Go With The Flow

I’ve always loved the idea of flowing with nature. Be it gliding on a breeze, riding the wind, flowing with the water; all those inspirational phrases remind us that when we fight against nature, we’re making things harder on ourselves. 1,774 more words


A Look At 777

The Inspiration of Numbers

Well now that we’ve corrected the big mistake we made on the numerology section, of the blog (A Correction – In Full Disclosure… 1,638 more words


Who Are The Pagans

We’re The Other People

Many years ago a friend sent me an article that explains who we pagans are, from the very beginning of time. Well, time as it relates to Christians anyway. 3,664 more words


Metaphysics: The Basics of Paganism

The Essence of Metaphysics

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with some other spiritual and metaphysical authors. The majority spoke of Metaphysics from a New Age, New Thought and Unitarian perspective. 1,323 more words


Words of Wisdom, Thought and Inspiration

A Few Gems To Share

Recently we have discovered a lot of search requests here on the blog for quotes and sayings. We really don’t have a place to list all the little gems of wisdom that Spring has shared throughout the years. 135 more words


A Correction - In Full Disclosure

Numerological Updates

If you’ve read my blog you know that I often say “no one is perfect” and “we all make mistakes”. Well I made a doosey!  807 more words


What You've Missed This Summer

Here On Springwolf Reflections

If you haven’t visited during the summer, you’ve missed a few things. From the rare Friday the 13th Full Moon to the Summer Solstice celebrations with Faeries, the Sun and Moon, and a few spiritual insights you might want to take note of as well. 197 more words