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New York: Day Four - Selfie Sunday

I was startled awake on Sunday morning by a fire engine siren directly outside our hotel.  For a moment, I had no idea what was going on, but quickly remembered as the sirens and honking continued.   1,079 more words


What’s Sweet for You is Sweeter for Sprinkles: The Marketing Strategy Behind the Company’s Cupcake ATMs

For anyone who has ever been in “The City that Never Sleeps,” you can certainly relate. You are coming back from an event late at night—be it a Broadway show, a night out at the bar, a high school reunion… you name it—when your stomach starts grumbling. 745 more words


Welcoming Spring (finally!) & Our Exciting New Neighbors at Brookfield Place!

Our beautiful waterfront community in Battery Park City has exciting news for this Spring!  The much anticipated renovations of Brookfield Place will be making great progress and having their first big opening,  62 more words

Battery Park City

The Only Fixer Upper Fixer That Can Fix a Fixer Upper

is true love.

nothing says I love you, LNRB more than celebratory/taper Sprinkles cupcakes


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM at Lenox Square Mall

Having been in Atlanta for only 8 days, I’m overwhelmed with new places to check out!  And it doesn’t help that at this point mostly everything is new! 588 more words


what's in a subway transfer?

This is for all the times I feel like the MTA is out to get me,  yes sometimes it feels personal.  I mean how can they  275 more words

New York City

[VIDEO] NYC's First 24-Hour Cupcake ATM


Carolyn Cox reports: What? A mother-lovin’ 24-hour Automatic Teller Machine for cupcakes. Where? 780 Lexington Avenue. Why? Because obviously one of the inalienable rights of being an American is the opportunity to stand in line on a freezing street corner and wait for a robot to hand you miniature cakes. 541 more words

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