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The Main Reasons Why Work Is Not “Done” In Scrum, And Why the Acceptance Criteria Is Not Met

Perhaps the most important aspect of scrum methodology is the concept of “Done” or meeting the acceptance criteria while developing the tasks. The product owner… 1,168 more words

In Scrum, Is It Possible To Cancel A Sprint? If So, When?

The scrum framework and importance of sprints

Scrum is primarily about dealing with changing market conditions and introducing changes in the product definition while it is being developed. 250 more words

Explanation Of Scrum Burndown Charts – The Plotting, Requirement, And Purpose Of Burndown Charts

What is a burn down chart?

 A burn down chart is an important tool in scrum. It provides a visual representation about the progress achieved in a sprint while it is underway. 267 more words

All about Sprints and Sprint Meetings – In a Nutshell


The sprint is the main point of activity for any scrum project. During a sprint, the development team delivers a certain portion, or a “slice” of the actual development activity to be carried out as defined in the product backlog. 557 more words

Discover What Is Scrum Methodology and How It Works

At times, projects can be very big. You need a lot of patience while dealing with extremely big projects or highly complex ones. Even experienced project managers tend to get discouraged and start losing hope when the project keeps on extending beyond the deadline, or when things start going wrong with the project. 750 more words