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Saturday Snow

North Jersey is white, snow white. Snow started falling early Saturday morning, just after mid-night. Guess what I saw this morning!!

Sprites!! See them? They’re darting between the branches. 67 more words

S. Thomas Summers

short story: Thrice

ONCE IN the haunted land of Ambroshire, the kindly princess Amethyst fell. In the fall she broke one arm. Being an artist and of a creative nature, it pained her much to wait for the arm to heal. 2,236 more words

Gelding The Unicorn

Where the Grass Grows Tall

My son and I have hearty imaginations. Toegether, we visit amazing worlds and enjoy wonderful adventures. Hip, hip to my boy. Hip, hip to fairytales. 124 more words

Wordpress Daily Prompt

Forays in Unity 3D Game Development...For sh*ts and giggles

Good evening all,

I hope everyone has been having a super, duper New Year so far. In the process of getting back into the swing of things at work and preparing for my impending big day (well, I say impending, June – Nevertheless I’m sure it’ll come around quickly!) I’ve been spending little pockets of time looking at game development. 3,021 more words


Happy New Year!

Have some fairies!

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

I’m currently working on sprites for my game and ReStaff, so requests/suggestions will be done on a whim. (When have they not? ^^; )


Who "Games by SPKEZ" is For

My dream reader would have to be another pixel artist or developer. Someone like Pixel. His game, Cave Story, was probably the game that got me excited by indie games for the first time. 198 more words