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American McGee's Alice

Madness returns! I’ve never actually played the game though. This was a request/suggestion at RMW from Dalph. It’s just a simple edit of my Restaff Alice… 10 more words


Dillon sprite update

For a long time it’s been nagging me that Dillon’s sprites didn’t match her face art and that she appears quite chunky, even though the idea is that she’s a slender girl wrapped in a coat that’s too large for her. 16 more words


The Ivory Tower

I made this sprite background and it was a p[ain in the ass to make, but it looks beautiful. I wanted to capture the view of The Ivory Tower of Fantasia, from the Neverending Story. 9 more words


One step closer to an empty to-do list

My to-do list is huge! And it makes me happy every time I can cross something off. 79 more words


Ariel's new design

Like so many no doubt, I never liked Ariel’s pink dress that much. I do like her new design and so here’s her in the green park dress. 12 more words


Samhain Dream: Page 4

That poor little sprite. Don’t you just hate when someone traps you in a jar?

Fairy King