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The Same Kind of Magic

This post from Blogger ‘A Sign Of Life’ is just enchanting and takes me back to my childhood.


The Same Kind of Magic.


My Musings

Flamberge Sprites

This is my attempt at creating a Flamberge, a beautiful blade. Considering the detail of the undulations in the blade, I consider this a good attempt, at least for my skill in spriting. 36 more words


Spriting Weaponry

This was my attempt to sprite a few things for my character in Eternia. First time I’ve done spriting since I dabbled in RPG Maker Ace. 8 more words


Purple Summer

Or should I just say hi…?
Man, this shouldn’t be this difficult
And with all the words in the world, I couldn’t tell you why… 533 more words


Sprite Graphics Accelerator on an FPGA

Graphics accelerators move operations to hardware, where they can be executed much faster. This is what allows your Raspberry Pi to display high definition video decently. 186 more words

Video Hacks

LED Day - 99

What is Project LED? Find out here

I’m something of a photographer too! Check out my work here.

Day of July 8th 2014

  • Spritesapp.com is an awesome site which helps you build modern & aesthetically pleasing infographs.
  • 164 more words
Project LED