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Life's Little Ripples

If you know me, you know I like to have some control in my life. I like to know what’s coming so I can have a plan A, B, C and D for it. 634 more words

Chickpea, the legume

Soups and stews are my comfort food. Chickpeas are a big part of my healing treatment. When Leo makes this chickpea stew, I’m in a happy place. 28 more words

Experiments With Food

Winter Sprouts

Bluebell and daffodil leaves are sprouting all over my garden.  Signs indicate that spring can not be far away, no matter what page the calender is on.  149 more words

One more plant

13 years ago I met my incredible, brilliant, talented, and sometimes askance-looking wife. We bonded over ridiculous amounts of horror movies and foosball.

Seven years later I took a trip with this insanely patient woman, to whom I had yet to propose. 161 more words


Knitting Endeavours

I’m hoping to turn this yarn…

Into this Cowl:

I also found these yarns to add to my stash:

I also added these patterns to my queue:


Why is this kid such a brat? I feel like this show is going to teach my one-year-old to be a bratty asshole who whines and complains until he gets what he wants! 174 more words


The Kiss That Melted a Mama's Heart

The Background

Since the holiday traveling ended, Sprout has had some sleep issues. I can’t pinpoint a single specific cause, there is just so much going on right now. 584 more words