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Meet the Maker: Buried Diamond

Brooklyn-based jewelry and textile designer Martha Moore Porter makes some of Renegade Craft Fair‘s most popular items. After hooking her up with a Sprout by HP… 21 more words

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Major Powers

I have Major Powers
Didn’t you know?
I know more than I show .
Letting you read only certain parts of me.
It’s time you see the more in me… 17 more words


Filtering out unwanted tuples

So here’s what I’m trying to do. I have two lists (of tuples) and I want to take one list and remove all instances of it from the other list. 127 more words

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How to count duplicate tuples in Haskell

I have a list of tuples like so


and I would like to count the number of duplicates there are in the list and return the one that is repeated the most like so… 52 more words

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Sprouted Grains are Literally Popping Up Everywhere!

For centuries the Asian cuisine has used bean sprouts, most notably in their stir-fries, and several restaurants have added alfalfa sprouts to your sandwich or salads. 800 more words

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Baby Sprouts

This weekend’s harvest was just a handful of mesclun sprouts and tiny round carrots that I had to pick out of my wine crate. Unfortunately the box was too shallow so I need to start again with my carrots. 100 more words


Next argmax values in python

I have a function that returns the argmax from a large 2d array

getMax = np.argmax(dist, axis=1)

However I want to get the next biggest values, is there a way of removing getMax from the original columns and then performing argmax again? 13 more words

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