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My lettuce are finally beginning to sprout!
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Sprout IV Pole: Updated

Since developing Sprout throughout my honours year, it has changed to consider the range of feedback gathered from all consulted with.

Paediatric Hospital

Farm-to-Fork? More Like Farm-to-Face

Willem is eating FOOD, guys! I’m not sure why I’m so excited about this, but I am. I mean, it was inevitable that the kid would eat food at some point, right? 178 more words


FO Friday: Sprout Cardigan

Ladies and gentlemen….we have a winner! I had to add almost 5 inches of garter stitch to the bottom of this sweater. But you know what? 125 more words


Take your Quinoa from good to GREAT: Sprouting

How to Sprout Quinoa quickly explained

Quinoa is an incredible superfood!! However, like most seeds/nuts/grains they contain a toxin called an “anti-nutrient”.  This is to protect itself from being eaten by insects or being broken down the acidic stomach of an animal that ate it so that it could still come out the other end, germinate in the soil, and reproduce.   22 more words


The one where we have 2 good rides in a row

Yep, count ‘em. TWO.

Sprout was awesome yesterday for “Trot Set Tuesday.” He got right down to work (may have been the several pony kicks I used to encourage forward RIGHT away) and we had the ring to ourselves. 245 more words


Charred Brussels Sprout

I always think of Brussels sprout as cabbages for the lone cook. The big cabbages start losing nutrients as soon as they’re cut, and although mum told me peeling them layer by layer would prevent the nutrient-drain, ain’t nobody got time for that! 86 more words