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State of the Baby Address: HALFWAY AROUND THE SUN!

A week and a half ago, Willem celebrated his half-birthday. It was a rollicking affair, complete with playtime, food, sleep, some dirty diapers, and lots of smiles and drool. 140 more words


Jumpstart Your Garden: Regrow Vegetable Food Scraps

TRUTHstreammedia, Aug 2014

(NutritionalAnarchy) No matter what season you find yourself in or headed towards, a jumpstart in growing time is always useful to keep your organic vegetable garden producing (that’s one reason transplants are so commonly utilized). 366 more words


How'd It Get To Be Thursday Already???


I truly don’t know what happened to my time this week. I’m just surprised today is Thursday already. We watched the Papoose and the Sprout once this week and had dinner out with friends, last night, I think (Taziki’s, yum) but aside from those things, I’m at a loss. 303 more words


Too Mainstream to Be Hippie... Installment #2: ON SLEEPING

In the second installment of “too mainstream to be hippie, too hippie to be mainstream (aka trying to figure out where we fit into this whole “parenting” thing), let’s talk SLEEP. 593 more words


Ninja Flowers Sprout from seed in small spaces.




Blessings.  by FuDawg


This piece here can either be sent as a Greeting, or framed as a Gift.

Maybe both?

Love you.






Sprout rides again

Family has come and gone, I am catching up on sleep, and work is slow this week (but about to get busy).

Sprout saw the vet last week and she said she has never seen him looking so good and moving so well. 280 more words


Too Mainstream to Be Hippie... Installment #1: ON EATING

Too mainstream to be hippie, too hippie to be mainstream.* I’ve been turning this particular idea over and over in my head lately in terms of parenting. 952 more words