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Era la manzana mas deliciosa que habia probado en toda mi vida.

Some weeks ago one of my friends took me to Sprouts, a medium-sized grocery store that focuses on all things saludable. This had been my first time in the store, but immediately it became my favorite. 155 more words


I Just Want Honey, Honey.

Let me preface this with saying that I have never really “shopped” at Sprouts before.  Usually if I go there it is for a very specific reason, like I need some good fruits or veggies and I want to feel like I have the healthiest ones.   612 more words


Oh happy day!

Oh happy day! oh happy day!   So I have so much to be grateful for today…my hubby is home!!  YAAA!!  and with him came some smuggled, treasured, home grown AZ oranges.   92 more words


Chia Seed Sprouts

Sprouting Chia seeds turns them into super micro-greens making them even more nutritious!

I already wrote about how amazing Chia seeds are in my recipe for the  321 more words


Healthy Lunch Break: Panthère Verte

The health benefits of these vegetarian sandwich-pockets is definitely up for debate, but if you really wanted to have a “healthy” lunch, you should of had a salad. 193 more words


Sprouting for more nutrition

Did you know that those dried beans you bought from the supermarket are in a dormant, protective state? And did you know that this protective state is why many people get bloated and gassy after consuming these beans when cooked? 193 more words