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Cottage Pie with Potato Gratin Topping

The idea was “Let’s make shepherd’s pie!”, but as it often happens, when it came to cooking everyone was so hungry we decided to go lazy on it… Hence, the potato gratin topping. 168 more words

Main Dishes

Stories and Summer Spud Salad!

Yesterday while driving around Idaho Falls, I found myself struck by all the people around me – other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists – and thinking about how every one of those people has a story to tell. 629 more words

Eager, Yet Anxious.....

This weekend was a great one! My girlfriend’s always-wonderful company. Two episodes of Orphan Black (we’re two behind; no spoilers, please!), Spud’s Fish ‘N Chips, along with some sun and reading our books in the park. 148 more words



Berks County is a land of extremes when it comes to food.

On one hand, you have the finest dining establishments, places with white table linens, strict dress codes and suits and ties. 577 more words


Salient points in history of spuds !

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Linking up with Light & Shade challenge

Veggies baked, sautéed, deep or stir-fried taste better if they are coated in a fine-grounded paste of cilantro, green chilies, ginger and garlic. 82 more words


Table-Crunch... How long do your fries stay crunchy after they leave the kitchen?

Fresh Cut Fries almost always come out of the fryer crispy but how long do your fries stay that way?

Typically fresh cut fries will come out of the fryer crisp and will firm up even more in the 2 to 3 minutes after though what happens after that? 98 more words

Kingston Fresh

Potato season here we come...

Preparing for potato season…

So far I’ve bought King Edwards, Nicolas and Royal Blue seed potatoes ready to plant in these potato planter bags…

I can’t wait to taste these different varieties and my own home grown potatoes :)

The Veggie Garden