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Police Pay £425,000 To Mother of Spy's Child

6 hours ago

London (AFP) – Police are to pay compensation to woman who had a child with a man she did not know was an undercover agent, the Guardian and BBC reported. 255 more words


The Holy Grail

By David Nelson, CFA

The goal of market timing is obvious to all investors. Step out of the market when conditions become unfavorable and quickly buy back when the bottom is in. 288 more words

David Nelson

Dream journal - Aug 15th - King vs Queen ft Squirrel

I had this dream awhile ago, but it was such an epic dream that I had to share it with someone. In this dream, besides me, there were Squirrel, Panda and a teacher from high school(?). 469 more words

Dream Journal

The BBC is Using Anti-Terror Surveillance to Find Tax Dodgers

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg, by Michael Krieger, Oct 22, 2014

Many commentators, including myself, have been sounding the alarm for many years that only a short-sighted society filled with fearful imbeciles would ever grant government tyrannical powers in the name of fighting an overhyped, outside enemy. 260 more words


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S&P 500 ($SPX) Seasonality Signal


S&P 500 ($SPX) daily


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Where The Future Takes Us

As students standing at the dawn of a brand new century, we face certain choices. How do we prepare for the future? Melody Powers knew how she was going to prepare, as she checked the fit one more time on her tooled leather shoulder holster. 197 more words

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