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Life is full of FAKE people

Have we never in our life met anyone fake before?

FAKE - Urban Dictionary probably give the best synonyms and people’s interpretation of the word. But I like the word PLASTIC and that would  be the perfect word to describe people who pretend to be your friend and then stab you on the back for their own benefit. 141 more words


SPY max pain $186.00 expiration Friday 04/25/2014

The max pain strike for stock SPY and expiration Friday 04/25/2014 is $186.00. Highest put open interest is 185.00. Highest call open interest is 193.00. Put-Call ration is 1.31. 12 more words


Good night from the Russian Spy

Ranger says good night from his cave hideout. He hopes to be rescued soon from his island, he still doesn’t know where he is.

Last one left

One last office worker, burning the midnight oil



I know I’m ready. An old pup casually lays on his side snoozing away while I count the days, hours, and seconds until I can leave. 75 more words

Things I Have Written

Seductive glasses

It is hard to imagine what Google Glass could do for us, but there is one application that is obvious and makes me laugh. We have tinder, “near me” apps, and soon we will have constant video input. 295 more words

Wearable Technology