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Radical changes in police tactics see officers moved from spying on victims to catching killers

In a bid to increase crime detection rates, police in the UK are to divert resources used to spy on victim’s families to using undercover officers and detectives to catch criminals. 217 more words


Why America should welcome China's attempt to spy on RIMPAC

It has recently been reported that China has sent a surveillance vessel to observe the RIMPAC exercise in which Beijing is participating for the first time. 182 more words


Could NSA Spying Operations Impact Bitcoin Safety?

Could NSA Spying Operations Impact Bitcoin Safety?

by Ian DeMartino @ 2014-07-23 06:03 PM

Bitcoin is safe, except when it is not. It can become not safe when the devices that hold them are compromised. 989 more words


Democrats release new video of GOP 'spying'

MICHIGAN – The Michigan Democratic Party is revealing more evidence of what it says is Republican spying.

It comes after the MDP released video last week that featured two Michigan GOP operatives at a fundraiser for Democratic candidate for governor, Mark Schauer. 329 more words


DoD funding universities to teach them how social media affects grassroots movements

The United States Department of Defense is funding colleges such as Cornell University and the University of Washington in an attempt to better understand how social ‘contagions’ arise and how they influence mass uprisings. 560 more words


Here's an NSA-styled conspiracy theory about Yahoo and Flurry

Yahoo has acquired Flurry for a reported $200 to $300 million.  Ostensibly it’s for Flurry’s targeting ability and fledgling ad network; but I have a more sinister suspicion, totally unfounded. 161 more words