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30 Days of Gaming, Day Six: Most Annoying Character

Hello and welcome to the next part of my 30 Day Gaming challenge! Follow me as I go through the world of gaming, discussing consoles, favourite characters, gameplay and more… 274 more words


30 Days of Gaming, Day One: Very First Video Game

Now that I’ve practically finished university for the year, I plan on being much more active when it comes to blogging! You may remember the other year when I started (and ultimately failed) to do a 30 Days of Gaming challenge that I’d seen on… 413 more words


Taking Back the 90's Kids

Happy Thursday peeps,
Relly’s coming back at you with something a little out the ordinary. I fancy taking a trip down memory lane, so I’m dragging all you 90’s children back with me. 824 more words

Sunday Classics: Spyro the Dragon

Title: Spyro the Dragon

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Genre: Platform

Platform: Playstation/PSN

One of my earliest childhood gaming memories is of charging around Stone Hill, head butting goats. 439 more words


PiT Lists: Joey's Top 10 Video Games

I’ve been thinking about writing this list for the past few weeks now (ever since Jake posted his), and I keep putting it off for one big reason. 2,033 more words

Age Of Empires

7 Things You Never Noticed About Spyro The Dragon

I’ve been watching a playthrough of Spyro the Dragon (1998) these past few days and other than marveling over what an absolute gem it still is, there were a couple of things I started to pick up on – mainly because I have this ridiculous super power, which is to see the darkness in absolutely everything. 2,112 more words



Has anyone noticed that Insomniac has a near parallel history to Naughty Dog? Both received acclaim for a trilogy of games developed exclusively for the PS1, then went on to create an another for the PS2, with Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter respectively. 1,299 more words