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SQL SERVER - Beginning Table Valued Constructors - Notes from the Field #052

: This is a 52th episode of Notes from the Field series. I am very happy that the journey which we started one year ago is a amazing milestone. 652 more words

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SQL SERVER - Puzzle - ISNUMERIC and Unexpected Results - SQL in Sixty Seconds #076

It has been a long time since I have asked, puzzled on this blog so let us have fun time together with ISNUMERIC function. If you get the correct answer to this question, I will give you one month free subscription to… 143 more words

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SQL SERVER - Exploring SQL Auditing with SQL Compliance Manager

As database administrators, we are constantly quizzed by our superiors to answer questions such as: how secure is our network, how secure is our data, is data secure at rest, is data secure in transition, who is accessing my data? 919 more words

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SQL Authority News - Embarcadero DB PowerStudio Promotion & Savings

If you are regular readers of this blog, you may be aware of that I use many different tools in my daily routine. One of them is DB PowerStudio for Embarcadero. 175 more words

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SQL SERVER - How to Flip Value of Bit Field in SQL Server?

How do you flip bit field in SQL Server?

Well, if you search for this question on internet, you will find many different answers, today we will see my favorite method to flip value for the bit field. 127 more words

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SQL SERVER - Database Stuck in Restoring State

Here is a one of the very common question I keep on getting via email.

“I just restored all the backup files of my database, however, my database is still stuck in restoring state. 122 more words

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