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Import Report Definition in SQL Developer

Once you have an xml file containing a report definition, this file can be imported in SQL Developer.

Make sure that the view “Report” is displayed. 37 more words


SQL Developer Report Table Info

SQL Developer is one of my favourite tools for database administration. It is easy to customize and runs on nearly any system. Of course Grid Control is not bad either, but I use SQL Developer more often to analyse a database than Grid Control. 154 more words


SQL Developer oddity on Windows

Recently, I have come across a bit of a strange behaviour in SQL Developer when verifying the correctness of the data entered into a database from various clients (Linux / Windows / Solaris) -> think of client characterset in NLS_LANG. 192 more words


Flow Control: CASE WHEN error using RODBC

I encountered an issue while attempting to read a SQL query using RODBC. In the interest of speed, I wanted to perform a simple calculation from within the SQL statement, something to the effect of “If variable1=0, then 0, else variable1/variable2”. 107 more words

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GREP Searching a full list of variables in an Oracle SQL DB

I’m generating a full list of variables from a particular Oracle DB schema, then fuzzy searching the resulting list for a value. Useful when hunting for a particular type of data in a large universe of database schemas. 188 more words

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I am just back from KScope14 in Seattle, WA – what a week. No “Low-T” here!

APEX 5.0 Early Adopter 2 was featured on Sunday by the Oracle APEX team, after which I was able to complete prep for my APEX Interactive Reports, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Revisited.   201 more words

RODBC vs. SQL Developer

I know it’s a small example, but — I ran the same query in SQL Developer and RStudio with RODBC… and R won out. Surprising. 111 more words

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