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Cardinality Estimator was Rewritten for SQL Server 2014

The query optimizer’s purpose is to select the best strategy for answering a query. It attempts to achieve this goal by assigning a cost to each potential plan and choosing the plan with the lowest cost. 335 more words

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SQL SERVER - Proving that the Source of the Problems aren’t Tied to the Database

I have always wondered how Sherlock Holmes cracked the toughest of mysteries every single time. This fascination always lead me to learn new techniques every single time. 1,150 more words

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SQL SERVER - How to use Procedure sp_user_counter1 to sp_user_counter10

There are many performance counters available in SQL Server which can be used to monitor various parameters of SQL Server engine. Have you ever been into a situation where you want to see value in performance counter for a query which you have returned? 507 more words

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Database Mirroring Time-Out Mechanism

Error: 1479, Severity: 16, State: 2

The mirroring connection to “TCP://ComputerName:PortNumber” has timed out for database “DatabaseName” after 10 seconds without a response. Check the service and network connections. 436 more words

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SQL SERVER - Performance Counter Missing: How to Get Them Back?

Of the thousands of mails I receive every day about SQL Server problems, I was recently pinged by a friend who reported a weird problem. He started with a simple question. 459 more words

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When there needs to be a change to the 'standard configuration'

What do you do when a client complains about slow running queries, but when you suggest changing Maximum Degree of Parallelism to something other than “1”, you are told, “That is our standard configuration. 131 more words

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