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SQL SERVER - Download SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition at USD 59.59

Since the release of the SQL Server 2014 earlier this year, lots of people have been asking if people can download the full version of SQL Server 2014. 90 more words

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SQL Authority News - Microsoft Whitepaper - SQL Server 2014 and Windows Azure Blob Storage Service: Better Together

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2014 earlier this month and now have released very long but interesting white paper on Windows Azure Blog Storage Services. SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure feature is available in all editions of SQL Server 2014. 304 more words

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Developers - Drive by Daniel Pink - Book Review

I have been an avid reader of books. I read pretty much one or two books every week. I believe reading helps me a lot in my day job as well as well writing blog post. 457 more words

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SQL SERVER - Idera SQL XEvent Profiler - a Free Tool for XEvent Monitoring

Download Extended Event Profile FREE

We often resist the change, we do not like change and we keep on using the same old technology which we have been using it to resolve the new challenges which we face in our daily life. 342 more words

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SQL SERVER - Tools for Proactive DBAs - Central Management Server - Notes from the Field #024

: This is a new episode of Notes from the Fields series. AlwaysOn is a very complex subject and not everyone knows many things about this. 447 more words

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Long running job monitor - Alert

I have created this script which will monitor long running jobs and alerts the analyst. One advantage of this custom script is to find threshold dynamically using job history! 681 more words


SQL SERVER - Life of a SQL Query - Query States

This is the guest blog post written by James Davies, Sales Engineer, Confio Software, a SolarWinds company. It is written based on the Database Performance Analyzer… 532 more words

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