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SQL SERVER - Location of Natively Compiled Stored Procedure and Naming Convention

Yesterday I wrote about SQL SERVER – Beginning In-Memory OLTP with Sample Example. One of the questions I received right after I published a blog post was why do I call stored procedure natively coded stored procedure when the entire code is in T-SQL. 368 more words

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SQL SERVER - Beginning In-Memory OLTP with Sample Example

In-Memory OLTP is a wonderful new feature introduced in SQL Server 2014. My friend Balmukund Lakhani has written amazing series on A-Z of In-Memory on his blog. 724 more words

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Oracle Performance: Full Table Scan vs An Index ?

Friends, often we run into situations where a SQL query takes hours to run, but when you create an index it finishes in few seconds. Sometimes it’s vice versa – if you drop the index, the query executes in seconds. 718 more words

Google Drive Trick - Google Spreadsheet Formatting Dates to String

I have been using google drive and google spreadsheet for a while. I work with experts around the world and we all use different date format. 206 more words

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SQL SERVER - Flushing Transaction Log to Disk for Current Database

I have written quite a while on Delayed Durability and every blog post when I think it will be the last post on this subject, I always get some question in an email and I end up writing a new blog post. 219 more words

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SQL Query to report on how many times a particular alert has triggered

Here is a very useful SQL Query that you can use to determine how many times a particular alert has fired, when it fired and what host it fired on. 176 more words


SQL Authority News - Discount Code for for SQL Live! 360 in November

I thought you might be interested to know that I’ll be speaking at Live! 360, November 17 – 21 in Orlando, FL. Live! 360 brings together five conferences, and the brightest minds in IT and Dev, to explore leading edge technologies and conquer current ones. 480 more words

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