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SQL SERVER - Identifying T-SQL Missing Parameter Data Types with SQL Server

I like challenges and when we are faced with a challenge – I just cannot sleep. I am in constant search for solution. More importantly I look forward for the learning experience these bring to me. 649 more words

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SQL SERVER - Beginning with SQL Server Security Aspects

SQL Server Security Aspects

This article is the high-level overview of the SQL Server security best practices and aspects. Ensuring SQL Server security is an important task that may be successfully solved by applying best practices and proven solutions described further in this article. 1,758 more words

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SQL SERVER - Proof of Concepts with Windows Azure - Notes from the Field #056

: This is a 56th episode of Notes from the Fields series. If you are DBA and Developer there is always a situation when you want to prove yourself by building a small proof of concepts of your idea. 715 more words

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SQL SERVER - Inside Temp Table Object Creation

When I wrote the article around tempdb like normal database, I had a number of people asked me how it is so simple to understand? Well, they were asking how are the tables created? 434 more words

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SQL SERVER - Maintenance Plan - Maintenance Cleanup Task not Deleting Files

I am always notified by my blog readers whenever they see something unusual and I try to help them so that I can learn something new. 389 more words

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SQL SERVER - FIX - The database 'model' is marked RESTORING and is in a state that does not allow recovery to be run

The best way one can learn SQL Server is by trying out things on their own and I am no different. I constantly am trying to explore the various options one can use when working with SQL Server. 608 more words

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SQL SERVER - SSMS Trick - Generating CSV file using Management Studio

In my previous blog I talked about using SQLCMD to generate a comma separate files for the table data.

Some blog readers reported that why we should use SQLCMD or BCP to generate the file when the same can be achieved using SQL Server Management Studio itself. 277 more words

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